Leading telemetry solutions delivering data capture & machine management

Vianet’s telemetry allows you to monitor your asset performance and improve operational efficiency and service. With this data you can control stock and cash flow to optimise your business performance worldwide.

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Our leading telemetry solution is compact and can be installed to virtually any machine. LAN functionality and true roaming SIM capability means it can be used anywhere. The data it provides allows you to maximise operational efficiency, stock control, and cash flow to optimise your business performance.

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Business performance

easy to install

Easy Install

Rapid roll out

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Perfect for table top machines

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Operational Efficiency

Reduce costs, maximise uptime and increase sales


Strategic Insight

Delivered through SmartVend

Why Telemetry?

Solutions available in either basic or innovative formats, supporting modular connection to 2G, 3G or 4G LTE networks. Deployed using smart roaming SIMs that ensure you receive the best possible networks and data management services anywhere in the world.

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Secure Firmware

Proprietary secure firmware encrypting data

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Smart Roaming

M2M network SIMs

easy to install


Device agnostic platform with third party integration

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Infinitely scalable data management services

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Modular Connection

Supporting modular 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks


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    Vianet’s telemetry services allow us to monitor our machine performance to improve our business efficiencies. With the addition of contactless payment providing a fast, hygienic payment option for our customers, these services have been invaluable,
    especially in the current climate.

    David Mackie
    Coffee System Development Manager
    Tchibo & Matthew Algie

    The Vianet system has allowed our customers access to an industry-leading contactless payment system with the added benefits of telemetry. Telemetry gives our customers remote visibility into all the data they require including the current status of their coffee equipment. All this in an affordable and technologically advanced package!

    George Hardwick
    Sales Director
    Caffia Coffee Group

    The Vianet telemetry on our PPE vending machines works for our clients for many reasons. Primarily though, they like that there is control of the PPE being used on site and this can be refined to job specific roles. There is also the benefit of record keeping, and workers have access to PPE 24/7.

    Jason Robinson
    Key Account Manager
    JK Ross

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