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Building a sustainable future at Vianet

At Vianet we are dedicated to making the environment around us more sustainable. Our commitment is to operate with minimal impact on the environment ourselves, as well as to give our customers the tools to reach their own sustainability targets. The data and tools our technology provides allow our customers to also make conscious decisions for the environment around them.

Integrating Sustainability Into Service Delivery

Telemetry Box

Stock Management

In its current guise, stock management is an integral part of the day-to-day operation of our customers; it’s used to both monitor stock levels, and track the movement of products from warehouse, to van, to machine, to sale.  While this data is predominantly used to ensure machines are well stocked and sales opportunities are maximised, it also offers insight that can help our customers reduce waste.

Optimised Planograms

Utilising product sales insight to optimise planograms ensures machines are stocked with the right products at the right time first time, changing an operational tool into a way to minimise waste.  


Utilising live, event-based alarms and machine status indicators – alongside self-closure functionality when the problem resolves itself (i.e., loss of power or comms) – ensures engineers are only visiting the machines they need to, avoiding unnecessary call outs and wasted journeys which reduces fuel consumption and impact of carbon footprint.

‘Green’ Journeys

The journey from warehouse to machine highlights further opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. Factors such as speed, road quality, load weight and the distance/frequency of the journey are all areas of opportunity we can work to improve, when considering the impact of our carbon footprint.

Benefits to Operators 

Utilising picklists to ensure operators only carry the stock they need and picking the right stock first time, reduces the stock needed on any van and can reduce the size of van needed itself . All of these factors combine to immediately reduce CO2 emissions. When combined with ‘green’ route planning and live sales data they not only avoid unnecessary journeys, but also significantly reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.

Results of Better Insight

Using Vianet’s telemetry insight as indicated above, a typical diesel van doing one less 25 mile visit per week will reduce carbon consumption by 18kg per visit, c923kg (0.92 tonnes) per annum based on £1.60 per litre of fuel cost.  All of this can be typically factored into our customers sustainability initiatives and outcomes.

Mark Foster

“As a company, but more importantly, everyone Vianet employs, fully recognises and is committed to improving the environment in which we live and in what we will leave for our children and future generations.  That needs to be a more sustainable environmentally friendly place – we are committed to playing our part to deliver the company targets, goals and aspirations noted, alongside the telemetry services we provide all our customers with, in order for them to do their bit in reducing CO2 consumption, reducing waste, being more efficient, being more environmentally economical to drive better results for our customers”

Mark Foster – Chief Finance Officer

Our Aims & Objectives

Emissions from Direct Fuel Use

Vianet consumes c266 tonnes of CO2 usage per annum from our fleet of engineering service vehicles.

Our operational goal is:

Operational emission reduction of 50% by 2030

Net zero operations by 2035

Emissions from Electricity Use

From our operational HQ in Stockton on Tees, Vianet consumes c66 tonnes of electricity CO2 energy usage per annum.

Our aim is to reduce that to:

✓ 45 tonnes by 2023

20 tonnes by 2025

Net zero operations by 2035

Office Waste Recycling

In an effort to control waste impact we actively manage recycling on site to reduce waste and recycle appropriately.

Our aim is to reduce that to:

 Zero waste by 2030

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