Connecting multiple assets in a cloud based big data service
to provide you with unparalleled insight

Smart Zones are the combination of multiple data gathering devices into one or more systems or assets, with the data from these devices being communicated back to our IoT platform and cloud based servers via a single communications hub. The technology was originally developed for flow monitoring devices, temperature sensors, and drinks retailing. Vianet Smart Zones can gather data from any asset with a digital output, including gaming machines, utilities management and EPOS payment services.

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The global leader in draught beer quality and waste management systems

iDraught solutions have been deployed in the UK, Europe and US. These Smart Zones ecosystems drive a measurable improvement to your gross profit by delivering a focus on consumer experience and spend.


Consumers seek a consistent product delivered perfectly everytime. Deployment of iDraught typically delivers a 3% improvement in sales.

Business Intelligence and Strategic insight

Benchmark your performance against the industry to identify opportunities for growth, supported by credible consumer data.


Effective stock management is a driver of growth. iDraught is proven to typically reduce wastage by 2% increasing turnover by 2%.

Wadworth Brewery

Wadworth Brewery

“As a brewer, when it’s your own beer – quality becomes even more important. Wadworth have definitely benefitted from improvements in quality”
Chris Welham, CEO – Wadworth Brewery

Holme Valley Inns

Holme Valley Inns

"I’m addicted to iDraught - we saw immediate gains of around £10k per year."
Ricardo Victor – Holme Valley inns

BII Licensee of the Year

BII Licensee of the Year

"It’s shockingly good, really. We’ve used iDraught to add £8-10,000 to our bottom line – it’s a system that I would thoroughly recommend."
Keith Marsden – BII Licensee of the Year 2015

Frederick Robinsons

Frederick Robinsons

"iDraught is becoming an essential business tool for switched on operators."
William Robinson, Managing Director – Frederick Robinsons DOWNLOAD THE FULL CASESTUDY


"iDraught is the complete package of information."
BII Licensee of the Year

BII Licensee of the Year

"Direct bottom line benefit in your product yields enables me to see any issues quickly and tackle them Cost savings equal to £8000 PA, just from beer wastage."
Tim Tomlinson – finalist of the BII Licensee of the Year 2015 DOWNLOAD THE FULL CASESTUDY

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News + Events

Super Saturday launches hospitality sector into an essential phase for Safety and Sanitisation

Saturday 4th July was a momentous day for the hospitality sector as ‘Super Saturday’ benchmarked the welcome reopening of pubs, bars and restaurants across England. After an unpredictable and unsettling time for the industry, the pandemic we’ve been quarantined in for the last 3 months has presented all kinds of challenges for businesses in the […]

8 July 2020

Guidance on protecting your cellar dispense equipment

Decommissioning your cellar dispense equipment Now the government has forced pubs to close to the public it more important than ever to ensure the cellar dispense system is properly cleaned and decommissioned in the correct way. It could be a few weeks or even 6 months or more before you trade again, therefore it is […]

7 April 2020

Vianet Insight Report 2020 Confirms Improvements in Beer Quality

Vianet has launched its 2019/20 insight report showing some significant improvements in draught beer quality this year. The report correlates data gained from 250,000 connected Vianet devices from more than 11,000 sites (pubs, bars and restaurants) in the UK serving draught beer, lager and cider. Key findings from this year’s report are: 2 in 3 […]

7 November 2019

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