• contactless payment vending machines SmartContact Pro

    Increase sales & improve efficiencies with contactless payment

    The new all-in-one contactless payment solution with integrated telemetry, touch screen display and multiple network capabilities. Revolutionise your vending machine with streamlined technology delivering both style and functionality.

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  • SmartContact- Contactless Payment

    Increase sales & improve efficiencies with contactless payment

    Contactless payment is a must have for vending and unattended retail. SmartContact offers your customers a hygienic, simple and convenient way to pay on the go.

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Vianet’s End-to-End Solution

Vianet’s products work in synchronicity with our platforms, giving you transparency of your business and delivering
a truly end-to-end solution.


  • Mastercard Payments
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • NMi Merchant

Why Contactless?

Contactless payment has become essential for vending and unattended retail. Cash payment is declining rapidly and the change in consumer behaviour and attitude towards cash, combined with concerted efforts by retailers and banks to drive consumers towards contactless payment, has major long-term implications for cash only vending.

Contactless Payment Data

On average, customers saw a 50% year on year increase in sales in the first month of having contactless

(Source: Vianet, June 2020)


Contactless Payment Data

Of people Worldwide now view contactless payment as the cleaner way to pay

(Source: Mastercard, April 2020)

Mastercard Payments

Contactless Payment Data

Increase forecast in global contactless transactions in the next 5 years

(Source: Mastercard, 2021)

Mastercard Payments


Enabled through the Internet of Things (IoT), Vianet provide innovative payment solutions for automated retail,
vending and self-service machines.

Contactless Payment

Low Fees

Low transaction fees / charges

Money 48hrs

24hr Money

Money available in your bank from 24hrs

Payment Security


Encrypted and secure payment

Finance Options


Multiple finance options including CAPEX and rental

mi-fare capability

Closed User Group

Closed user group and micro market capability

The Benefits

Contactless is the fastest growing method of payment and has great synergies with the vending sector enabling operators to maximise sales whilst reducing costs. 

Increase in sales

Sales Growth

Proven growth in sales and efficiency

Finance Options

Reduce Charges

Reduce cash handling charges

monitor data

Quick Lead Time

Short lead time of 3-5 days

easy to install

Easy to Install

With plug and play technology & dedicated engineering team

dedicated support helpdesk

Helpdesk Support

Dedicated training, customer experience and helpdesk support


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    Vianet’s telemetry services allow us to monitor our machine performance to improve our business efficiencies. With the addition of contactless payment providing a fast, hygienic payment option for our customers, these services have been invaluable,
    especially in the current climate.

    David Mackie
    Coffee System Development Manager
    Tchibo & Matthew Algie

    At Mount Charles we had some very specific needs to develop a contactless payment solution with an increased spending limit, that will work efficiently with vending machines in the transport sector dispensing COVID Testing Kits.

    Our preferred supplier, Vianet, have delivered a fantastic level of support and service on the project. Vianet have worked to tight deadlines, and offered a quick turnaround, developing and testing new firmware fit for the purpose. They have given us the upmost confidence in rolling these vending machines out smoothly in airports in Northern Ireland, with a sufficient and hygienic card payment solution.

    Chris Annon
    Vending Development Manager
    Mount Charles

    We have been using Vianet for nearly 4 years. Their product has been invaluable to us. We are seeing enormous gains as contactless payments continue to rise dramatically. In the last 4 months alone, we have seen a complete sea-change in payments – with almost two thirds of our sales now being made through contactless transactions. On top of this, we have been consistently impressed by their exceptional customer service and knowledgeable representatives.

    Chris Worgan
    JW Vending

    Our 3-way relationship with Vianet, using their Master MID & with hardware supply from Liquidline, our coffee and vending governance efficiencies have gone to the next level; complimenting the latest touchless selection technologies on the vending equipment. During COVID-19 this has been imperative.

    Helen Forsythe
    Category Lead

    The Vianet system has allowed our customers access to an industry-leading contactless payment system with the added benefits of telemetry. Telemetry gives our customers remote visibility into all the data they require including the current status of their coffee equipment. All this in an affordable and technologically advanced package!

    George Hardwick
    Sales Director
    Caffia Coffee Group


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