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Helping customers make better decisions through strategic insight and actionable data by developing game-changing solutions on our world class Internet of Things platform.
Vianet conceive and deploy applications of the Internet Of Things world enabling the creation of profitable, disruptive economic opportunities. 
Anything that can be connected, will be connected
Source: Forbes
Internet of Things  (IOT)

Vianet's IOT platform helps you make better decisions through delivering game changing strategic insight and actionable data that delivers a compelling return on investment.

We help you achieve this through a combination of two things: 
1. Building world class capability that delivers creative solutions for industry-wide problems through strategic insight and actionable data. 

2. A passion for people and  game changing solutions that transform business performance

By 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected devices
Source: Cisco
Operating in two key markets globally
Leisure & Hospitality

iDraught is the global-leader in draught beer quality & waste management systems, driving a direct and measurable impact on your gross profit, whilst delivering a unique insight for everyone from brewers to bars, on your consumer experience and spend.

Gourmet Coffee & Vending

VendExpert is the management system of choice with solutions in contactless payment, Near Field Communications (NFC) and interactive vending reporting for customers in gourmet coffee, hot drink and snack & can vending. 

Vianet connects over 250,000 devices... over 20 countries
Tracking consumer experience and spend on 777 million pints a year
And 46 million cups of coffee per year
Providing insight on £2.4 bn of consumer spend in 2015
Capture the value of the Internet of Things
The IOT world enables the creation of more efficient processes and services. We can help in the following ways:

The Technical Challenge (M2M, P2M, and P2P)
The M2M aspect of the solution provides connectivity i.e. connecting the sensor or data collecting element in the field with a cloud based application server.

Our systems are designed to operate effectively and efficiently without human intervention or supervision.

The Business Model Challenge
Data is transferred from the source location in (near) real-time so it can be analysed automatically and used to drive key operational decisions. This in turn has the potential to dramatically and positively alter the performance of that business.
Our experience and understanding of the costs of deploying, collecting data and analysing results for such a solution ensures our business model is truly sustainable.

The Business Transformation Challenge
As the world becomes ever more competitive, companies that fully capture, understand and apply the strategic insight from real-time data, will change in ways we can only begin to imagine today.

Connectivity is a true game-changer for our customers, who are now able to respond in real-time to changing local, regional and global events.

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