We are all Wales aren’t we?

10 February 2017, Pubs & Bars

With England dumped out of the Euros by Iceland, Wales became the last home nations country to keep flying the flag, the match on Friday the 1st showed that overall UK control pubs (inc pubs in Wales) had a year on year decline of 12% on the same day last year.

Overall Sports pubs (inc pubs in Wales) showed a lesser decline of 8%, this clearly shows that the majority of English consumers did not go out of their way to support Wales, but that the sports pubs still attracted a slightly bigger crowd. Its also reflects upon the summer we are currently ‘enjoying’ with weather on the same Friday last year being much warmer and coming at the end of a week of good weather (25c in London for example)

In Wales however control pubs were up 15% and Sports pubs a relatively modest 37% with volumes on average of 407 pints per pub. Run rates in match time for Wales were 69 pints per hour, outside of Wales that dropped to 32 pints.

It will be interesting to note the effect of the semi final on Wednesday; being both a midweek match and with English fans seemingly not flocking to support wales in lieu.


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