Vianet Insight on World Cup matches show massive growth in draught beer sales

3 July 2018, Pubs & Bars

Real time data from Vianet’s iDraught systems across the UK during the last three England World Cup matches has shown a massive increase in draught beer sales. The average increase in pints sold across the three matches was 109 pints with the biggest increase being the Thursday night match against Belgium with an increase of circa 134 pints sold. The data was gathered from the sales from several national Vianet customers who all utilise the Vianet iDraught draught beer management platform.

Average volumes across all sites combined (managed, leased and tenanted) utilising the data showed an average uplift of 70% compared to the same days last year. This means the additional turnover value to the pub is around £381 per session based on the average of 109 pints increase at £3.50 a pint. The trend is set to continue to grow even more as England progresses in the tournament with the next match on Tuesday night against Columbia a real opportunity for pubs.

Vianet announced in May that the World Cup would create the largest pub trading days in the 2018 calendar following insight from their Euro 2016 data. Vianet customers’ sales showed that in 2016 major sporting events accounted for the biggest trading days outside Christmas with the Euro 2016 match against England and Russia showing the highest trade out of all the sporting fixtures.

Speaking about the World Cup opportunity, Steve Alton, managing director of Vianet said, “The Vianet insight has clearly shown that football is the biggest sport in terms of trade increase for pubs; we could see this with our analysis of Euro 2016 and these recent results confirm this. Reviewing the data we received from the last three World Cup games, we know that as long as England can stay in the tournament and pubs show the matches, they can reap the rewards. We can also help pubs with the right level and type of stock for these key sporting events, ensure the quality that beer is served correctly, identify the busiest periods for staffing and cellar management and most importantly ensure the pubs make the very best returns from this landmark sporting tournament.


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