Vianet confirms Euro 2016 data shows World Cup this year is a massive opportunity

15 June 2018, Pubs & Bars

The World Cup is set to create the biggest pub trading days in the 2018 calendar following insight by Vianet from Euro tournament in 2016. Vianet customers’ sales showed that in 2016 major sporting events accounted for the biggest trading days outside Christmas.

The Euro 2016 match against England and Russia showed the highest trade out of all the sporting fixtures that year. The average number of pints served per session during the tournament was 197 (223 if the game was won by England). Pubs showing the 2016 match between England v Wales saw an uplift in volumes of 108% vs the same day in 2015. The data was collected from a sample of insight extracted from their nationwide systems.

Speaking about the opportunity, Steve Alton, managing director of Vianet said, “The Vianet data has clearly shown that football is the biggest sport in terms of trade increase by pubs; Euro 2016 took more in sales than the 6 Nations that year and we can actually see from the data which match scored the most in terms of beer volume but also how the match result influenced the sales. We can see from Euro 2016 that if pubs are prepared with the right beer range, clean beer lines and staff trained in the importance of perfect serve and how this impacts the cash in your till, a sporting fixture like the World Cup can be a massive opportunity for pubs”.

Vianet figures tracked that after the England v Wales win, drinkers stayed longer and drank more in the pub whereas the same data shows that immediately after the England v Iceland loss, they departed immediately.

The Vianet i-Draught system tracks circa 770 million pints of beer, lager and cider consumed every year. It allows retailers, pub landlords and multiple operators to see which beer brands are being sold, when they are sold and whether that pint being served is at the correct temperature, through clean lines thus delivered as a perfect pint for the consumer.

Adding Alton says, “The insight we receive is un-paralleled and enables operators to take action in their outlets. We can see from this data that pubs need to be prepared to make the most of the World Cup and that’s not just having enough stock, its making sure it’s served perfectly, and the pub is getting the maximum number of pints from each keg or cask it has on”.


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