Power through the Pandemic: The Rise of Contactless Payment

22 March 2021, Contactless Payment


Vianet & special guests present ‘Power through the Pandemic: The Rise of Contactless Payment’, a seminar focused on the shift in consumer behaviour during the COVID19 pandemic. The speakers will look at how this global pandemic has accelerated the decline of cash payment in the vending, self-service & unattended sectors.

Cash has long been king in the vending market. However, with innovation in contactless payment technology and corresponding growth in consumer adoption, momentum has steadily grown towards a time in the near future when the majority of vending machines only take contactless payment.

That was in a world before COVID-19, a global crisis the many of us have endured and none of which will ever wish to experience again. Though cash use was predicted to decline over the coming years anyway, COVID-19 has catalysed an acceleration in this decline greatly, due to minimising human contact with surfaces, and also the suspicion infected cash could carry the virus and cause human-to-human transmission of the disease.

Echoing this, we also talk about the recent announcement also in the UK Budget 2021, of contactless payment limits rising to £100 . The global pandemic has accelerated a move away from cash with shoppers often being encouraged to use contactless in many retailers for public health reasons, and this change in consumer behaviours is driving further advancements in the payment world.

Your Hosts:

Mark Parry – Commercial Director – Vianet

Graham Kingaby – Managing Director – NIVO Group

Your Guest Speakers:

Joseph Scarborough – Founder & Owner – SnaxGroup

Matt Luckhurst – Regional Sales Director – OTI Global

Chris Worgan – Director – JW Vending



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