The Rise of Contactless Payment Webinar – 18th March 2021

16 February 2021, Contactless Payment

After the success of  Vianet‘s ‘Power Through the Pandemic: The Value of Data Insight’ webinar in December, we are hosting contactless focused webinar in the ‘Power Through the Pandemic’ series this March.

Power through the Pandemic: The Rise of Contactless Payment

Join Vianet & special guests on Thursday 18th March 2021 at 12pm GMT, as we present ‘Power through the Pandemic: The Rise of Contactless Payment’. This webinar is focused on the shift in consumer behaviour during the COVID19 pandemic.

Cash has long been king in the vending market. However, with innovation in contactless payment technology and corresponding growth in consumer adoption, momentum has steadily grown towards a time in the near future when the majority of vending machines only take contactless payment.

That was in a world before COVID-19, a global crisis the likes of which few of us have experienced and none will ever wish to experience again. Though cash use was predicted to decline over the coming years, COVID-19 has catalysed an acceleration in this decline, due mainly to findings by scientists that “infected” cash was causing human-to-human transmission of the disease.

Seventy-six percent of the consumers said the coronavirus will affect their use of cash over the next six months; 75% said they are using less cash; 54% said they are avoiding using cash; and 44% said they will use contactless and mobile payments more.

We approach contactless payment technology in the vending, self service and unattended sectors, and how the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards contactless over cash.

Our speakers will discuss how this global pandemic has accelerated the decline of cash payment in these industry sectors and what the future holds.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing our guest speakers.

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