The Halloween Spirit has taken over Vianet

30 October 2020, Why Vianet

This year’s Halloween will be unusual to say the least. We might not be able to celebrate this beloved holiday the regular way, with parties and trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this ‘supernatural’ time of the year. At Vianet, we unleashed our creativity and enthusiasm and found two ways to celebrate Halloween this week while also respecting all the safety measures necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The first event on our list was our pumpkin-carving competition on Tuesday, about which you’ve probably heard from our social media. There is no better way to surround yourself with the Halloween Spirit then by carving a crazy face into an innocent pumpkin. Needles to say, our employees embraced this challenge and revealed their hidden talents, sending their monstrous creations to fight for the teeth-rooting prize. The competition was ruthless.

Amongst our entries we had a turnip imprisoned inside a pumpkin, an orange Frankenstein, Tinkle Bell, a ghost, a dinosaur from Jurassic Park, and an unfortunate pumpkin who got shot in the head to name a few. You can imagine how hard it was for our judges, Michelle Staniforth and Sarah Bentham, to agree on a winner. Yet, a decision had to be made and after several discussion, the victory went to… (drums, drums, drums) Rachel Little, our Marketing Manager, and her toothy lunatic pumpkin. However, we can all agree that all the competitors were spectacular, worthy of a Halloween out of this world.      

The second stage of our spooky celebration has taken place today, when our employees have brought out their fun side to work and followed the tradition by dressing up in crazy costumes. Anybody entering our office building has been welcomed by our spine-chilling clowness. But have no worries, despite her unsettling appearance, she is harmless. But don’t point to her bad eye, it’s a sensitive topic. Oh, and mind your way when walking around the building or you might bump into the headless woman crawling our halls. Don’t get me wrong, she’s probably the friendliest person you’ll ever meet, but without a head on her shoulders she can’t really see where she’s going.

There were many other characters inhabiting our head office today. Tom Cruise, a witch, a black cat, the Queen of Spiders, a Mexican man and Wednesday Adams have also made an appearance and we were lucky enough to get their pictures taken. Where else on earth would you see all of these characters under the same roof vehemently working on computers?

This week, we made sure to make the Halloween Spirit proud and give our employees the opportunity to enjoy this holiday to the fullest and unleash their crazy sides during our events, all of this while delivering fantastic performances at work and respecting all the COVID-19 restrictions. We had pumpkins, we had sweets, we had costumes and we had laughter. In short, we all had a great time together within our Vianet family.


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