As work places are gradually re-opening with secure COVID-19 measures in place, Caffia collaborated with Vianet looking for a solution for their customers to assist them in providing a safe and hygienic contactless payment solution for their coffee machines, minimising machine contact as much as possible to reduce risk.  

The decline of cash as a payment method was steadily progressing in the current climate due to the advancement of technologies and digital payment methods With the addition of COVID19, the risk to public health has dramatically altered the workplace and consumerism, accelerating the decline of cash at a much quicker rate. Concerned about the spread of the virus, people try to avoid using cash and there is a recognition that businesses must adapt and transform with these changes with a longterm view. This means getting ahead of the curve, and reducing the amount of physical contact with machines and money wherever possible, as this will ultimately change the face of consumerism indefinitely 

Caffia are a family-run coffee business who provides restaurants, offices, coffee shops and hotels with a wide range of coffee equipment, from a variety of coffee and bean-to-cup machines to coffee grinders.  They were keen to partner with a contactless provider who could offer them an all-in-one solution, so Vianet were the perfect match offering a dedicated support team and giving insight into their machine performance with SmartMetrics telemetry, as well as a more sustainable payment method SmartContact 

SmartContact is our contactless payment solution, protected with high level PCI accredited security. It is supported by CreditCall and Elavon, regularly updated to increase functionality and it includes Apple and Samsung payment. Through using SmartContact on selfservice machines, the client will receive money into their bank account within 48 hours, with low transaction fees of 1.4% on average. 

The Vianet Customer Experience team is always on hand to help resolve any issues with your machine or devices. Vianet also have their own helpdesk website offering customers 24-hour access to installation and troubleshooting guides, FAQs and ‘how to’ videos, to assist engineers to troubleshoot out of hours, so are perfectly placed to work with clients across multiple workplaces. The customer experience team are also committed to overcome any language barriers and work with Caffia on an International level across Europe 

George Hardwick, Caffia’s Sales Director, has made the following statement about their partnership with Vianet: 

“Here at Caffia Coffee Group the Vianet system has allowed our customers access to an industry-leading contactless payment system with the added benefits of telemetry. Telemetry gives our customers remote visibility into all the data they require including the current status of their coffee equipment. All this in an affordable and technologically advanced package! 


If you’d like to find out more about Vianet’s end-to-end solution and SmartContact payment method, you can contact us at or visit our website at