Go Vending are a vending machine supplier for the drinks and snacks sector based in Scotland.

Go Vending - Vending Machine with SmartContact Go Vending - Vending Machines with SmartContact Go Vending's Vending Machine with SmartContact

(Go Vending’s vending machines in-situ with Vianet’s SmartContact installed)

Vianet’s contactless payment, telemetry, and data insight solution has driven both an increase in sales and a measurable reduction in cost for Go Vending. They continue to receive a positive experience and invaluable service as a Vianet customer.

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Go Vending Case Study



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At Vianet, we are proud to announce the launch of our very first webinar:

Power Through The Pandemic: The Value of Data Insight in a Global Pandemic

In this event, Vianet and their guest speakers will discuss how data insight is key for businesses to plan and navigate their way through this challenging climate.

The future is more uncertain than ever, and businesses need to be tactical in utilising resources and data insight to power through the on-going global pandemic.


Data is vital to identifying trends, requirements and adapting to change, giving you insight on your business that can make all the difference to running efficiently during unpredictable times. Data Insight gives operators the opportunity to look back at their performance and sales in key periods and see what can be adjusted to maximise profit and minimise loss.


Vianet and special guests look at how Data Insight is the key ingredient in ensuring stability and efficiency in your business moving forward as we navigate this ongoing pandemic for the longer term.


One of this event’s host speakers will be our Managing Director, Rob Little. Our guest speakers from globally recognised brands will be announced shortly, as well.

We would love for you to join us on Tuesday, 8th December for this informative session on data insight in the current times.

To sign up for our webinar, please access the event below:

The future is more uncertain than ever, and businesses need to be tactical in utilising resources and data insight to power through the on-going global pandemic.

Vianet have seen the impact the this has had on vending and unattended businesses in various industries, and with the second wave of COVID-19 affecting the UK and Europe, humanity has a long way to go before being able to completely overcome this obstacle. Companies now have no option but adapt with long-term solutions to combat the obstacles raised by the pandemic on both an operational and commercial level.

Vending Machines Contactless DataVianet have been able to identify key trends from their data insight throughout the pandemic that really highlight the change in payment behaviour in the vending sector. The use of contactless over cash has skyrocketed, and this is likely due to both hygiene and convenience.

In Vianet’s estate, January 2020 saw on average 50% of vending machine transactions were contactless, with up to 30% uplift in overall sales since these operators installed contactless readers on their vending machines.

In 9 months, through to October, these figures continued to rise on vending machines that were still actively being used throughout the pandemic, showing a sharp rise in June with up to 68% of vending transactions coming from contactless payment devices and this continued to stay in the high 60’s right through to October. This accelerated increase of up to 18% since the start of the pandemic really does illustrate the continuous shift in consumer behaviour.

Caffia Coffee Group recently collaborated with Vianet looking for a solution for their customers to assist them in providing a safe and hygienic payment method for their coffee machines, minimising machine contact as much as possible to prevent the spread of the virus.

They were keen to partner with a supplier who could offer them an all-in-one solution, so Vianet were the perfect match offering a dedicated support team, and giving insight into their machine performance with telemetry, as well as a more sustainable contactless payment method.

Data is vital to identifying trends, requirements and adapting to change, giving you insight on your business that can make all the difference to running efficiently during unpredictable times. Data Insight gives operators the opportunity to look back at their performance and sales in key periods and see what can be adjusted to maximise profit and minimise loss.

Tchibo have recently partnered with Vianet to do just this.

“Vianet’s telemetry services allow us to monitor our machine performance to improve our business efficiencies. With the addition of contactless payment providing a fast, hygienic payment option for our customers, these services have been invaluable, especially in the current climate.” David Mackie, Coffee Systems Development Manager at Tchibo & Matthew Algie.

J&K Ross, health and safety clothing specialists, have also been working with Vianet with an interesting approach to vending during the pandemic to control and aid in reducing wastage of PPE distribution for businesses.

“The Vianet telemetry on our PPE vending machines works for our clients for many reasons. Primarily though, they like that there is control of the PPE being used on site and this can be refined to job specific roles. There is also the benefit of record keeping, and workers have access to PPE 24/7.” Jason Robinson, Key Account Manager, J&K Ross.

In November, Vianet launched their new Data Insight Portal, SmartVend, to existing VendExpert customers, with an enhanced insight platform, giving greater transparency of their business and data.


Vianet host their very own FREE webinar ‘Power Through the Pandemic: The Value of Data Insight in a Global Pandemic’, on Tuesday 8th December at 12pm GMT.

With special guest speakers from the industry, the webinar will cover how Data Insight can help you to operate your unattended business as efficiently as possible. Please check Vianet’s social channels to register and find out more.

For business owners, Data Insight is the key to making positive progress and informed decisions. SmartVend grants you access to all the information you need to optimise your vending machines and increase your sales while managing all your costs.

With COVID-19 driving every business to up their game in order to overcome these tough times, it is more important than ever for companies to make use of all their resources in order to enhance their performance. One of the most important resources which need to be taken into consideration is Data Insight. With an unpredictable future, business owners need all the support they can get to make informed decisions and adapt to the new trends. By enabling you to perform all these tasks, Data Insight is a pivotal factor in minimising the potential damage COVID-19 could cause your company.

As a vending operator, one of the biggest challenges encountered is having the time and resource to monitor all your machines, from Sales trends and stock levels, to technical misfunctions. Vianet’s latest software release, SmartVend can offer you improved monitoring so you can promptly react to your machine performance, and quickly target technical problems, improving route planning, avoiding extra costs on unnecessary stock refills and saving time from making unrequired machine engineering visits.

Through its easy functionality and concise reporting, SmartVend offers you a greater insight into your machines’ data, offering you a better understanding of their performances and helping you in establishing the key areas which need improving and take immediate action in order to increase your profits and boost your machines’ efficiency. Moreover, it will enable you to adopt new payment systems, including contactless payment and NFC (Near Field Communication) together with interactive vending technologies.


How SmartVend can help you to optimise your vending and machine operations:



The Sales and Performance Insight reports provide you with actionable data indicating which machines are underperforming to help you identify machine trends and make well-informed decisions.



Machine Information gives you a quick and detailed insight into your machine’s data, revealing information in terms of open tickets, signal strength and sales data which can then be drilled down, filtered and exported from regions to individual machines. The overviews generated will highlight sales patterns to facilitate trends analyses.



With the capacity to check your inventory for each machine, SmartVend’s Planning Map can generate a ‘pick-up’ list based on your stock levels saving you from making extra purchases and spending unrequired money.



SmartVend’s operational reports provide regular information on your machines’ performances aiding you in identifying and reacting to any technical issues that might appear. By being able to individually target those machines which need technical support, you will save time and prevent extra costs.


All of these features included in the SmartVend portal can raise your profitability levels and the operational efficiency of your machines and will bring you and your customers more satisfaction, offering you a better management of your costs and increase in your sales.

Vianet’s Head of Customer Experience, Joanne Vinton-Bullwinkel said “SmartVend is not just about bringing the best functionality of our existing platforms into one cloud-based solution, but more an opportunity to really listen to what our customers need.

We’re not recycling old ideas here, we’re building a future ready solution that will deliver not only business efficiencies for our operators, but invaluable insight into the way the industry works, allowing our customers to maximise on the many opportunities the next few years will bring.”

Any questions and issues you might encounter will be efficiently answered by our dedicated technical support helpdesk who has a reputation of promptly solving our customers technical problems.

The SmartVend portal has now gone live to our existing VendExpert customers. Customers will also gain access to our brand new Smart Academy Training Portal which will provide users with video training and guides on how to navigate SmartVend.