Compass Group are the largest contract foodservice company in the world, predominantly focus on Catering, Cleaning and Vending with some facilities management services.

In 2018, Vianet successfully won the preferred supplier status across Compass UK & Ireland to provide a volume of 5000 contactless readers over 5 years.

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Compass Group Case Study

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Venta SVS Ltd is a provider of disposable e-cigarettes to mental health services, with over 74 vending machines in their estate.

Venta Vending Machine with SmartContact

Venta SVS Ltd’s vending machine in-situ with Vianet’s SmartContact installed

With the cost of products higher than a typical vending machine, they were able to benefit with Vianet’s rental scheme and low transaction charges, saving 1.5% in transaction fees across their turnover.

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Venta Case Study


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JW Vending recognised that cashless and contactless are the future of payment and approached Vianet to provide them with a cost effective and reliable contactless solution to support them in making that transition. Vianet deliver a combination of contactless payment, telemetry and data insight solutions to JW Vending, along with expert support & guidance in order to grow their business. With high quality products and accessible technology, Vianet continues to prove invaluable to JW Vending as they continue their partnership.

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JW Vending Case Study

Vendex North was held on 10th November 2021, and the team at Vianet attended and exhibited at our first large scale vending show since before Covid-19 restrictions first began. The show held in Leeds attracted a great number of visitors across the vending industry after a long period of lockdowns and restrictions which prevented events from happening. Vianet were greatly anticipating this event after such a long time without physical shows. We are pleased to have caught up with lots of our existing customers as well as new vending operators, contract caterers, service providers and more.

Vendex is a well-recognised exhibition and networking event established in 2003 (Vendex, 2021). The event offers great exposure and opportunities for both exhibitors and visitors to get the latest industry news, products, and services.

Vianet Showcases Products and Services to Vendex Attendees


Vianet Goodies and SmartContact Pro in the Vending Machine Courtesy of Evoca

Vianet Goodies and SmartContact Pro, in the Vending Machine Courtesy of Evoca

Situated near the entrance at Vendex, we had great visibility and opportunity to showcase our product offerings with live demos, devices, and new product videos. Vianet also launched our new website this week, and it was great to get feedback and shout about this to our visitors at the event to go and check it out.

On the Vianet stand, we offered attendees at the event the opportunity to try out our brand-new, all-in-one contactless payment device, SmartContact Pro. With an exciting opportunity to free vend and win mystery prizes, our SmartContact Pro was installed on a vending machine (Melodia vending machine supplied courtesy of Evoca Group) to give visitors first-hand experience of the new terminal. It was a buzzing atmosphere as visitors were keen to try and win some big prizes we had up for grabs, including £10-£50 Amazon gift cards, wireless chargers and many more.


Our Client Manager, Kirsty Kirk said:

“Vendex North was a great success. It was good to see so many operators in attendance, especially after such a long period of remote working. We’re looking forward to sharing more innovation updates with Vianet clients and prospects in the near future.”

Jack Cooke and Callum Hardy, Business Development Executives by Vianet's Stand at Vendex North

Jack Cooke and Callum Hardy, Business Development Executives, by Vianet’s Stand at Vendex North


In addition, throughout the day, there were plenty of opportunities to explore what’s currently out there in the vending industry as a range of businesses across the sector were in attendance such as PepsiCo, Red Bull, NIVO and many more.

Rachel Little, Marketing Manager said:

“This is the first Vendex event I’ve done since starting at Vianet, and it was fantastic to finally be able to showcase what we’ve been busy with in the background over the last two years.

Vianet has had a lot going on during the pandemic with the release of SmartVend and the launch of our new contactless payment solution, so there is a lot for us to be shouting about. It was also great to be able to finally put some faces to names in the vending industry!”

Overall, Vendex North was an important opportunity for Vianet to meet clients and prospects to discuss our exciting product developments and plans going forward.

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to catch us at Vendex North, as we will be attending Vendex Midlands 2022 in Milton Keynes on 26th April 2022.

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Friday 15th October 2021 onwards marked the UK’s limit on a single contactless card transaction to increase from £45 to more than double at £100. As this threshold gradually gets implemented across the country, consumers can expect to enjoy more flexibility with contactless payments.


Announced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and HM Treasury, convenience was the primary aim. The increased payment limit was brought for the fifth time to date in response to the continued growth in card transaction usages over the years. A study found that 54% of consumers have been using contactless payment much more frequently in comparison to last year according to Mastercard (2021).


The Shift in Consumer Behaviour and Growth of Contactless

First introduced in 2007 as an alternative payment solution, the spending limit without requiring consumers to enter a pin was at £10 (BBC News, 2021). This alternative to carrying small cash was proven to be popular as the contactless limit was consequently raised to £15, £20, £30, and £45 respectively.

The Covid-19 pandemic only accelerated the shift away from cash to help tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, briefed that this latest move would “make it easier than ever to pay safely and securely”.


Where the New Payment Limit will Benefit the Unattended Market

The ability to pay for higher value transactions is important for both consumers and merchants across unattended retail and the self-service sectors. Paying for the weekly grocery shopping or self-service kiosk services such as ticketing, or fuel payments will be quicker and have shorter queuing times due to the ease of use.

Furthermore, from the businesses’ perspective, you can benefit from better operational efficiencies. A convenient payment solution allows for better route planning and time management as merchants don’t need to go and operate the card machines or handle cash as frequently.


End-to-End Contactless Payment and Data Insight Solutions

Contactless payment has become essential as attitudes towards cash change. With our low transaction fees averaging 1.4%, and cash in the bank from 24 hours, this solution is invaluable to businesses looking to improve efficiencies and cashflow.

With Vianet’s end-to-end contactless payment and data insight solution, you can revolutionise your business estate to gather greater transparency of your business as well as combining contactless payment to create convenience and increase sales. Offering our streamlined payment technology together with our telemetry solutions, businesses are able to gather and generate “real-time” insight of their performance in our SmartVend portal.

Vianet’s contactless payment solutions are PCI Level 1 Compliant meaning they are secure payment devices, offering businesses and customers a peace of mind.

The gradual transition from traditional cash payment combined with the demand for contactless and the rise in the payment limit indicates businesses, particularly in the self-service sectors, need to adopt contactless payment to futureproof their estates.

Vianet provides the ultimate solution to drive efficiency, improve cashflow and profits, and give you greater transparency of your business. To find out more about our contactless payment solutions, get in touch with a member of the Vianet team at or visit


Vianet & special guests present ‘Power through the Pandemic: The Rise of Contactless Payment’, a seminar focused on the shift in consumer behaviour during the COVID19 pandemic. The speakers will look at how this global pandemic has accelerated the decline of cash payment in the vending, self-service & unattended sectors.

Cash has long been king in the vending market. However, with innovation in contactless payment technology and corresponding growth in consumer adoption, momentum has steadily grown towards a time in the near future when the majority of vending machines only take contactless payment.

That was in a world before COVID-19, a global crisis the many of us have endured and none of which will ever wish to experience again. Though cash use was predicted to decline over the coming years anyway, COVID-19 has catalysed an acceleration in this decline greatly, due to minimising human contact with surfaces, and also the suspicion infected cash could carry the virus and cause human-to-human transmission of the disease.

Echoing this, we also talk about the recent announcement also in the UK Budget 2021, of contactless payment limits rising to £100 . The global pandemic has accelerated a move away from cash with shoppers often being encouraged to use contactless in many retailers for public health reasons, and this change in consumer behaviours is driving further advancements in the payment world.

Your Hosts:

Mark Parry – Commercial Director – Vianet

Graham Kingaby – Managing Director – NIVO Group

Your Guest Speakers:

Joseph Scarborough – Founder & Owner – SnaxGroup

Matt Luckhurst – Regional Sales Director – OTI Global

Chris Worgan – Director – JW Vending


It doesn’t matter what age you are, contactless is the go-to payment method, and for good reason.

Today, one in every five card payments is contactless, marking a major milestone since tap-and-go payments were introduced a decade ago. What makes this more impressive, is widespread adoption from generations who have grown up using cash and have an emotional attachment and affinity to the tangible notes and coins. This cannot be ignored.

In fact, those aged 60 and over are the fastest-rising acceptance of touch-and-go payments, with the number of contactless users in this age bracket up 116 per cent in 2016. The eye-opening statistics shows contactless payment is a tech anomaly, proving popular across all generations.

The UK Card Association predicts that 50% of debit card transactions will be contactless by 2026, so its clear adoption is only going to rise across all ages. Whether you’re tapping to pay for your coffee in the morning, or waving your way through barriers on the tube with a SmartPay device, speedy payment methods have made our lives so much easier, they’re here to stay. Has your business recognised this?


Our latest research has revealed that consumers are embracing Smart Pay tech and are twice as likely to use their smart phone to pay for lunch than they were a year ago[1].

The statistics echo those released by World Pay earlier this year, indicating that the number of mobile transactions as a percentage of all in-store transactions has grown by a massive 247% in the UK over the last year.

One of the main drivers behind this growth has been convenience payments in supermarkets, bars and petrol stations across the UK. A positive customer experience at these grab and go purchase situations is significantly impacted by speed, something that Smart Pay greatly helps with.

Smart Pay technology isn’t just limited to mobile phones and big business has started investing heavily in different vehicles to use the technology. In September alone, Fitbit partnered with Mastercard and Peugeot released the world’s first Smart Pay capable car key.

The opportunities for integration are endless and with consumers searching for ever quicker transactions, it is a certainty that Smart Pay in all its different forms will continue to snow ball over coming years.

This presents vending operators with a golden opportunity to piggy back its popularity and make their estates contactless enabled. The earlier they seize this opportunity, the quicker they can future-proof their businesses, drive sales and smooth the customer journey.

[1] Vianet (2017, 01.25). Consumer research into vending on a proportional representative panel of 2000 UK consumer. Ginger Research.

Today’s consumer is time poor and increasingly seeking faster transactions. People have become accustomed to buying things online at the click of a button and this habit is altering the way they make purchases in retail – especially convenience purchases, such as food and drink.

The increasing popularity of quick transactions and instant purchases has been heavily influenced by the rise of online shopping where customers can get what they want at the click of a button. Last year alone, £133bn was spent online with UK retailers – that’s £18bn more than the previous year!

Our latest research has revealed that the number of consumers using contactless payment to a pay for a lunch that’s worth £5 or less has risen by 300% in the last year.[1] Grab and go contactless purchases are on the rise and the vending industry needs to take notice.

The in-depth research also revealed that 63% of people would switch to paying with contactless if it was available on a vending machine, with 40% of those saying this was because it would make the transaction quicker.

The fast rise in contactless cards and increased acceptance in retail outlets has inevitably led to rising consumer expectations around the ability to use contactless payment whenever and wherever they go, especially for low priced items and everyday convenience purchases.

This presents a golden opportunity for vending operators to drive sales by providing a robust, quick payment transaction that reduces the barriers between the customer making an impulse purchase. Not only will this smooth the customer journey and create an enjoyable experience, but it will also drive repeat purchase.

[1] Vianet. (2017, 01 25). Consumer research into vending on a proportional representative panel of 2000 UK consumer. Ginger Research.