With the global pandemic still affecting our society, Autograph decided to partner with Vianet for our truly end-to-end contactless payment solution, after been introduced to us by their coffee and vending machine provider, Liquidline, in order to fulfil their clients’ need for a safe and hygienic payment method.

Data gathered from active vending machines already utilising Vianet’s end to end solution has shown an up to 18% increase in contactless payment since the pandemic began, showing consumers change in buying behaviour regarding payment methods.

With the number of new COVID-19 cases rising, United Kingdom being at the top of the European rankings in terms of infection rate, people are increasingly concerned for their safety, and aware of the necessity to protect themselves from contracting the virus as much as possible.

For those working in public sectors, especially in hospitals and government sites where the risk of virus spread is higher, contactless payment has become an essential way to avoid contact with potentially infected surfaces.

Liquidline and Autograph were aware of the strong need to act quickly and efficiently on a solution and worked with Vianet to install contactless payment devices on their vending machines.

Autograph is a large facility management and catering organisation, with employees worldwide. Autograph’s SmartContact device distributor and installer is Liquidline, a leading supplier of Commercial Coffee, Juice and Water Machines, plus snack & food vending machines.

Liquidline machine with Vianet's contactless payment device in King George Hospital

Liquidline machine with Vianet’s contactless payment device in an Autograph managed healthcare site.

Vianet were pleased to be introduced to the Category Lead from Autograph, Helen Forsythe, by Liquidline’s National Accounts Director, Paul Latimer, to initiate a strong three-way partnership in order to deliver on Autograph’s vending needs and provide them with an efficient and clean payment method.

This is what Helen had to say about the relationship:

“The development of a strong partnership with Liquidline – a forward thinking customer focused business, has been key to the growing success of the vending services supply chain across the organisation.

With this 3-way relationship with Vianet, using their Master MID and with hardware supply from Liquidline, our coffee and vending governance efficiencies have gone to the next level; complementing the latest touchless selection technologies on the vending equipment. During COVID-19 this has been imperative.”

Amongst the main reasons why Autograph chose SmartContact as a payment solution are the low transaction fees (average of 1.4%), the PCI Accreditation. Moreover, by using Vianet’s Master MID/Reconciliation services, the pressure is taken off their Accounts Receivables team. The process goes as following:

All contactless card funds transfer to Vianet and are remitted weekly to the legal entity bank account associated with the installed device (nett of account charges). Site Banking Accounts Receivables then allocate each weekly payment out to each site client contract based on the reconciliation report produced by Vianet.

Additionally, with SmartContact, it takes only 48 hours for money to reach the relevant bank account, with just three secure steps from vending machines to the Visit Sheet.

Vianet’s Customer Service & Experience Team is there to offer clients all the support they need. With a dedicated support team, no issues are left unresolved and all clients have 24/7 access to installation and troubleshooting guides and tutorials through their helpdesk website.

For more information on SmartContact, you can contact as via email at or via phone at +44 (0) 1642 358 800