Success for Euro sports pubs in England’s third game

10 February 2017, Pubs & Bars

Vianet’s snapshot of the event from 11am to midnight on Monday 20th, shows that for Euro sports pubs the day was a success, with volumes up 80% for pubs versus the same day last year with the average volume on the day being 178.72 pints, (an increase in volume on same day last year of 79.62 pints).

Peak trading time was between 8 & 9pm, with the run rate prior to the match averaging 8.4 pints. The run rate in match averaging 30.71 pints and the run rate post-match averaging 9.65 pints.

The value to the Euro sports pub above normal trade at £3.50 per pint is £278.67 , this would be worth at least £3371 on average* per pub if England get to the final.

*Based on a rolling average of game 1  (£626.08) and game 2 (£540.37) & game 3 (£278.67)= £481.71 x 4 more games.

Snapshot of the third England match


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