SmartVend is Here: Transforming Vending Management

13 December 2022, Why Vianet

SmartVend Dashboard

SmartVend provides everything you need to manage your business. Giving complete transparency into business performance identifying opportunities to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and grow your profits. 

With a host of new features, SmartVend delivers a fully flexible, cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for on-premise servers. The comprehensive vending 

management system covers everything from stock and service to micro markets and touchless payment, with customisable features that put you in control. 

Joanne Vinton-Bullwinkel, Vianet’s Head of Product said, 

“We’ve promised a lot to Vianet customers and, while SmartVend has continued to evolve and grow in that time, we have saved the best until last.  

There are lots of absolute gems to be found in the latest releases that will really make a difference to our customers.  

While initial focus is on integrations, we will be working closely with our customers throughout 2023 to ensure SmartVend remains the industry’s only choice.”


What Does SmartVend Have to Offer Vending Operators 

SmartVend’s stock management tool allows vending operators full visibility of stock from warehouse to machine and everything in between. The easy to use stocktake functionality ensures you have the stock when and where you need it, minimising unnecessary loads, machine visits and fuel expenses – whilst maximising availability.  

The service dashboard provides a live view of performance across your machine estate, helping to ensure the service levels are maintained, vending machine downtime is minimised, and customers are receiving the best possible service. All whilst keeping a keen eye on profitability, of course! 


SmartVend App Pick List

The stock and service functions within SmartVend are supported by an intuitive mobile app, designed to ensure operators and engineers can work as efficiently and accurately as possible from the field or the office. 

Scanning cash bags at the point of collection reduces input errors and allows for easy cash reconciliation. The SmartVend cash management tool then compares the data captured in the field/by the machine to that counted in the office, highlighting any discrepancies, and removing the possibility of revenue loss at every step. 

Your workforce becomes instantly more effective with the customisable prompts that can be set up against machines, sites and/or operators and are triggered by time/date or an event, for example, a weekly vehicle checklist. This allows users to add both mandatory and non-mandatory actions, notes, alerts, reminders, requests for information (for example, start or end mileage) and/or checklists for operators to complete during their route. The opportunities are endless.  

Vianet haven’t stopped there. They have also revisited existing functionality to ensure it meets the standards they have set with the new features and additions. This included making significant improvements to the way routes are scheduled by factoring in stock levels, allowing customers to set their own specific thresholds and making re-assignment and changes to routes as easy as possible. 

SmartVend Vending Estate Map

The new estate map gives users an overview of their entire estate with customisable Red-Amber-Green status’ that ensures operators have an at a glance live view of the issues that matter the most.

Pro-active ‘pick lists’ based on current and predicted stock levels ensure operators have the stock they need before they leave depot – by machine and product.  A ‘red route line’ on the map easily identifies routes with insufficient stock to complete the route.

There is more to come. With kerbside scanning, operators will have the ability to audit each machine from their vehicle, providing real-time accurate stock and cash information. 

SmartVend’s new finance module, ensures seamless integration with third party finance service providers. Additionally, there are many other features in development that Vianet look forward to showcasing to the industry in 2023. 


Vending Machine with SmartContact Pro

Vianet’s End-to-End Solution  

SmartVend works in seamlessly with Vianet’s award-winning contactless payment and telemetry products, making it the industry’s only cloud-based, end-to-end solution. Vianet recognises the industry’s desire to make life easier for operators and engineers.  

With over 52,000 active devices currently connected, SmartVend processes more than £7.01m sales and 7.07m million transactions every month. SmartVend will now also integrate free of charge with other third-party contactless payment providers – we believe flexibility and ingenuity are the key to industry-leading products. 


Mark Parry, Vianet’s Commercial Director said,

“The future is promising for the vending industry. With the support and flexibility of Vianet’s SmartVend cloud-based Vending Management System and its seamless integration of automated data, we are branching into new markets across the UK and Europe.

Over the past two years, Vianet has invested significantly into product development and our commercial teams to ensure continued platform innovation, a pain free migration process and dedicated client management support.

SmartVend, alongside our award-winning payment and telemetry hardware, provides our partners with the technology needed to continually adapt their business to the fast paced and ever-changing world we live in today.”


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