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COVID-19 Antiviral Sanitising Service for Pubs & Bars

With our new Antiviral sanitising service we give you the reassurance the pub environment is safe for customers and staff. The treatment protects all treated fixtures and fittings and frequent use areas can be touched up using an applicator. Our solution is in compliance with anti-Covid-19 cleaning regime. You can view our SmartShield Brochure here.

Vianet SmartShield uses a Certified Antiviral Sanitising Product

Preventative Sanitising and disinfecting service that within 5 minutes will prevent the spread of envelope viruses including flu and 99.9% of bacteria.

An environmentally-responsible and sustainable sanitiser and disinfectant that is eco-friendly and naturally derived using a mild surfactants and a natural fermentation extract that has protection once applied. Your locations will be ready for trade 45min after application. and we can also provice managed service scheduling for re-application visits where required.

Step one: Wipe down

The Technician will firstly wipe down key high touch points such as door handles and railings. The solution prevents the spread of household germs and COVID-19.

Step two: Spray

The Technician will then spray your selected areas with a fine mist of our COVID-19 sanitising solution. The solution has a quick 5 minute wait before sanitised.

Step three: Sanitised

The solution is colourless with a near odourless scent allowing your business to operate as normal.
Our Technician will leave behind a Certificate with the date of last visit and certification issued identifying areas sanitised.

Our Service

Provides tailored product application to sanitise your premises back down to a 0.001% contamination.


Our Trained Technicians

Are specially trained to identify at-risk areas and will spray a light mist of all-purpose sanitiser paying particular attention to any specific touchpoints also known as “high-touch areas“.


Our Trained Technicians

Will train your employees on maintaining restaurant sanitisation and leave a tailored “antiviral maintenance pack” of our all-purpose sanitiser. Alternatively, we can arrange for a Technician to regularly visit your premises to continually reduce the risk of infection.


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