SmartAcademy e-learning platform launches for employees at Vianet

2 March 2021, Why Vianet

At Vianet, our P&D team have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on a brand new e-learning platform, SmartAcademy. The new platform delivers a sustainable and flexible training solution for Vianet’s customers and employees.

SmartAcademy offers a huge range of e-learning and face to face training courses to support your business and your employees. The eLearning Platform brings a wealth of experience from the Leisure, Vending, Technology, Customer Service, Personal Development and Leadership & Management Sectors, plus our Industry data and insight to businesses and employees via online and classroom learning.


Supporting Vianet Employee’s personal growth

On Monday 1st March 2021, Vianet launched their SmartAcademy platform to their internal employees to support our own employees with their Personal Growth. All employees have been given access to a range of courses and video tutorials that will enable them to learn and develop at a time and pace that suits their schedules.

Vianet Group Product Trainer, Joanna Corner, said

“The demand and need for an online learning platform has risen drastically and SmartAcademy is a tool which will enable us to move, grow and adapt in the times and the current circumstances we find ourselves in. Online learning is rapidly becoming the norm and is one of the most effective ways to educate. SmartAcademy gives both our employees and customers the freedom to learn at a time and pace that suits them, wherever they are!”

SmartAcademy will be regularly updated with new content, keeping employees in the loop through new training and videos on products, new releases, and continuous personal and professional development.

To celebrate the launch, with most employees still working from home, Vianet sent out launch packs filled with goodies for our employees, as well as launching a competition with the chance for one lucky employee to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy A7 Tablet!

SmartAcademy supporting the launch of SmartVend Insight Portal

Back in November 2020, SmartAcademy was initially launched to selected Vianet customers in line with the launch of SmartVend, the new Insight Portal, giving SmartVend customers informative training and videos on the eLearning Platform on how to navigate and best utilise their new portal.

Vianet Business Development Manager, Cole Little, said

“SmartAcademy has been a game changer for enabling our customers to proactively develop their learning and understanding of SmartVend, our new insight portal. The short videos and audio commentary of each area gives our customers the confidence and support they require to fully utilise SmartVend, thus allowing our customers to focus on improving sales performances and creating operational efficiencies.”

If you’d like to know more about SmartAcademy and how it can benefit your business or learn more about the training offered, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to find out more about our e-learning platform.


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