Connecting your assets to the Internet of things

Leveraging Vianet Smart Machine technology gives our customers the opportunity to connect a single data gathering device with its own on-board communication capability to an asset, system or machine. The device then sends data back via our IOT platform to cloud based servers. Data is collected real time enabling you to proactively improve performance and utilisation of assets, creating transformational opportunities for growth.


Enabled through the internet of things, Vianet provide innovative contactless payment solutions for automated retail, vending and self service machines. The demand for contactless is accelerating, driven by 4 Macro consumer trends identified by Vianet in research in January 2017.

Falling popularity of coins and notes

People want payment flexibility in vending.

Consumers value speed and accessibility

Contactless payment in vending increases the transaction speed and streamlines the customer journey.

All age groups want contactless

Contactless payment solutions will help vending operators drive revenues & sales.

Rise of Smart Pay

Rise of Smart Pay

Contactless readers broaden consumer appeal and increase the likelihood of purchase.

Enabling contactless payment

Adding a payment solution to your Smart Machine couldn’t be simpler.

Add the payment module to our telemetry unit and unlock contactless solutions for your customers and consumers.

Protected with high level PCI security and supported by CreditCall and Elavon, our solution is regularly updated to increase functionality, including Apple and Samsung payment.



Key benefits include:

  • Proven 10% increase in sales
  • Proactive machine management
  • Your money available in 24 hours
  • Low transaction charges
  • Easy to install
  • Encrypted and secure data management


Key benefits

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Vending Operators Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency with Contactless Payments and Data Insight

Sales statistics give the clearest indication yet of the extent to which cashless payment is penetrating the vending industry. Retailers began to embrace the payment form in 2015/16, but the adoption of card payment in vending lagged a distance behind. However, as soon as the cashless ‘ice’ ad been broken, the pace at which Vianet […]

30 November 2018

All age groups want contactless

It doesn’t matter what age you are, contactless is the go-to payment method, and for good reason.

20 November 2017

All change, all change

Amidst the chaos of the old £1 coin being replaced, one thing is clear - vending operators need to adopt contactless payment to future-proof their businesses.

16 October 2017

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