As the sun shines once again, new products are on the horizon at Vianet in 2021

30 April 2021, Why Vianet

The past year has brought a hurricane of events that no one anticipated. Yet, Vianet have continued powering on in the background, working on some of the biggest new products and software developments of their time bringing you an even brighter light at the end of the tunnel, as they grow and expand their offering across Vending.

The vending industry has been going through a period of change for some time now, and the demands of the recent pandemic have only accentuated this. Vianet’s new products being launched pave the future for the vending sector and deliver solutions with longevity to see these businesses not only through the pandemic but continuing to move forward for years to come.

SmartVend Roadmap as functionality expands into new modules

In the current climate, the global pandemic has created even greater demand in the vending industry for efficient stock control systems and innovation to deliver hassle-free stock management.

Vianet recently took a step back and reviewed operators needs as part of their SmartVend development and are currently in the final stages of development for an integrated solution for their stock management module, currently part of the Vendman ERP. Using their team’s extensive industry expertise, Vianet have been creating a system that will help operators adapt quickly to change, meeting the demands of today, but also to help build a strong foundation for tomorrow.

Vianet’s Product Manager, Joanne Vinton-Bullwinkel said,

“Our next steps are to launch a stock module that delivers against the requirements of our customers but in a far simpler way, supported by a new mobile app that will drive efficiency in the field.

We have a dedicated technology team who have worked hard to develop this module from Front End Designers to Solution Architects, ensuring the best experience possible for our end user.

The new stock module will, in essence, allow customers to see what stock they have and where, and transfer it between locations – warehouses, vans, machines, as well as complete stocktakes and manage products, all from the palm of their hand.”

The product roadmap for SmartVend not only sees the release of the Stock Management module and SmartVend mobile app in the very near future, but also sees the release of other features and functionality as we move through 2021.

A Stores and Warehouse Management module, offering customers functionality in Machine Part Ordering, Warranty Management and Machine Maintenance & Call/Engineer Management, will be released a few months following on from the Stock Management module. Also, later in the year this is followed by the release of the finance and API integration – offering Invoice Reconciliation & Production, Stock Ledger, Wholesale Orders and 3rd Party Finance Integration.

Moving into 2022, it’s also in the SmartVend roadmap that Vianet will roll out a CRM (customer relationship management system) to help drive opportunity through the SmartVend platform.


The new SmartContact Pro Contactless Payment Solution: Coming soon!

SmartContact Pro contactless payment SmartContact Pro contactless payment

Vianet have been working on the release of their brand new contactless payment reader, SmartContact Pro, that will not only offer vending operators a more stylish and slick looking contactless payment reader for their machines, but it also offer new capabilities.

The all-in-one glass fronted device also offers a powerful telemetry gateway and data insight, as well as being a contactless payment solution in one device.

SmartContact Pro also offers a touch screen display and is field-proven indoors and outdoors and it runs all applications and payment types with full multimedia capabilities.

The payment device is plug and play, with integral support for contactless vending, kiosk, mobile payment, pulse and closed-loop payments, customised features are easy to develop with minimal time, effort, and risk.

The secure SDK platform also offers High Security E2E Encryption (DUKPT), 3DES, AES and RSA, ensuring safe and secure payments.


If you’d like to find out more about our new products & developments, & how these can help you drive your vending business forward, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team through our enquiry form.


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