Mind the gap: new research shows UK pubs are missing out on £333m+ in draught beer profits

10 February 2017, Pubs & Bars

Pub operators are losing out on a potential £333 million profit on current draught beer sales according to a new report by beer quality experts Vianet and Cask Marque.

The findings, published today (Wednesday, 16 March) in the Beer Quality Report 2016, show British pubs are missing out on an average profit of £6,416 per pub every year due to beer quality issues impacting on pouring and till yields.

Operators are missing an achievable 2% till yield of £222 million and a further £111 million in pouring yield.

The report combines key data and insights from Cask Marque and Vianet to reveal a definitive picture of beer quality across the UK. It combines data drawn from a new consumer survey and from Cask Marque’s annual visits to more than 20,000 pubs, with Vianet’s ability to capture various critical quality measures in pubs and cellars across the country – 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

About the Beer Quality Report 2016

Vianet Business Insight research for this report is based on data from over 200,000 Vianet devices, including the iDraught beer quality and waste management system, which currently tracks the consumer experience on 730 million pints of beer every year in UK pubs. Cask Marque’s insight is based on visits to over 22,000 pubs every year.  The Beer Quality Survey 2016 is based on an online survey conducted by Cask Marque of 2,145 consumers in January 2016. The Beer Quality Report 2016: The Profit Opportunity in the Draught Beer Category is the first of what will be an annual report on beer quality by Vianet and Cask Marque.

Beer Quality Report 2016


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