Harnessing the power of Big Data

21 September 2017, Pubs & Bars

Big Data has swept into every industry and business function and is now recognised as essential in unlocking significant organisational value by making information more transparent and usable.

Companies are using this data to make better management decisions, boost performance and productivity allied to improving operational efficiency. Big data can be used to develop the next generation of products and services; beyond monitoring what is currently happening to predicting what might happen in the future – and any necessary preventative measures.

How companies utilise big data will become a key basis of competitive advantage. Across most sectors, established firms and new entrants alike are looking to leverage data-driven strategies to innovate and capture value from the business intelligence on offer.

At Vianet we are in constant dialogue with our customers about the transformative power of real time data and insight on their business. This insight is derived from our Smart Zones platform, which links 230,000 data connections across 300+ customers, tracking £2.3 billion of consumer spend out of home.

In the on trade, real time data analytics and reporting, managed by modern IOT platforms and ecosystems, has the potential to deliver a higher quality draught product, better staff performance, greater profitability from waste reduction and happier consumers.

With the wall of costs that operators are facing, specifically around additional employment regulation, as well as well-publicised increases in business rates, profitability is under pressure like never before. While there are justifiable complaints around additional costs placed on the sector by Government and the ensuing pressure on margins, the majority of operators are ignoring thousands of pounds of unrealised profit from their draught beer performance.

Our Big Data solution drives measurable improvements to profitability by focusing on consumer experience and spend, providing a retailer toolset that gives you quality assurance and allows you to benchmark performance. It also provides management controls, ensuring you get paid for every pint dispensed and track wastage.

Big Data helps businesses of all sizes solve almost every problem with an insight-led solution. Are you making the most of the opportunity it offers?


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