Vianet Redevelops Contactless Payment Devices for COVID-19 Test Vending

14 January 2021, Why Vianet

Vianet Payment on Covid19 test vending

COVID-19 Testing Kit Vending Machine with Contactless Payment in situ at City of Derry Airport

In December, Vianet played a pivotal role supporting Mount Charles in the fight against the global pandemic by providing contactless payment capability in ground breaking vending machines selling COVID-19 sample collection kits. Mount Charles installed these vending machines in transport locations where footfall is consistently high, thus enabling quick and easy access to testing facilities for the general public.

Vianet’s technology and customer experience teams worked closely with Mount Charles throughout December to achieve critical delivery deadlines despite specific logistical challenges presented by the pandemic. As a result of this spirited collaboration, Mount Charles COVID-19 sample collection kit vending machines were rolled out in the City of Derry airport on the 23rd December.

The public can now purchase these kits on a self-service basis with a contactless transaction process thanks to Vianet’s hygienic payment solution which was redeveloped with an increased spending limit.

Chris Annon, Vending Development Manager at Mount Charles said

“We had some very specific needs to develop a contactless payment solution with an increased spending limit, that would work efficiently with vending machines in the transport sector dispensing COVID Testing Kits.

Our preferred supplier, Vianet, have delivered a fantastic level of support and service on the project. Vianet have worked to tight deadlines, and offered a quick turnaround, developing and testing new firmware fit for the purpose.

They have given us the upmost confidence in rolling these vending machines out smoothly in the transport sector, with a sufficient and hygienic card payment solution.”


At Vianet, we specifically developed our contactless payment solution for Mount Charles, with new firmware to work with an increased spending limit due to the £95 cost of the product being dispensed. This increased limit has allowed these new vending machines to be introduced efficiently.

Vianet payment on COVID-19 test vending

COVID-19 Testing Kit Vending Machine with Contactless Payment in situ at City of Derry Airport

Neil Burton, Vianet’s Product Compliance Manager, said

“The roll out of these devices required some urgent development and testing from the team at Vianet, but understanding the immediate nature of these requirements, we managed to create a new firmware and sign off testing the product with the clients support, within a week. Not only this, but we managed to get the product rolled out well ahead of our competitors.”

The introduction of vending machines selling COVID-19 sample collection kit is another milestone in the battle against the virus in the UK, and Vianet are proud to be working with such a fantastic customer on what could be a potentially game changing solution for the transport industry, and many others.

If you would like to find out more about the contactless payment solutions and data insight that Vianet can provide to the self-service and vending industry, please check out our website at, or alternatively contact us on +44 (0) 1642 358 800.


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