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Vianet, a prominent player in the technology and data analytics industry, is proud to commemorate National Apprenticeship Week, spotlighting the outstanding achievements of our apprentices. With an impressive 10% of its workforce engaged in apprenticeship programmes last year, Vianet is steadfast in its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering continuous learning and development. 

Graduation Day Extravaganza: A Glimpse into Success Stories

Local Dignitaries on tour of Vianet's Head Office

Vianet’s Head Office was abuzz with excitement on February 7th, as we hosted a grand graduation ceremony for our apprentices. The event was marked by the distribution of certificates to the graduates, who also had the opportunity to engage in an open forum discussion with local dignitaries, which included the Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees, Jim Beall. Chris Renahan, Assistant Director of Inclusive Growth and Development at Stockton Borough Council was also in attendance. In addition, the apprentices were joined by Vianet’s Executive Team and their managers. Some of the highlights of the event were a series of videos showcasing the journey and experience of each apprentice, as well as the opportunity to cultivate strong working relationships with the Council and local authorities.  

Learning & Development at Vianet 

Tom Highfield, Learning and Development Specialist at Vianet, took centre stage to elucidate the essence of apprenticeships within the organisation. Dispelling common misconceptions around the stereotypes of apprenticeships, Tom emphasised the unique support structures in place for apprentices facing challenges. Attendees described the apprenticeship journey as transformative, collaborative, and empowering. 


Stores Apprenticeships 

Mayor of Stockton with Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson, a Stores Assistant who completed the Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship, shared his journey and a glimpse into his role. Jason highlighted his experience in the role, as well as challenges that he has faced and how he has used his apprenticeship to overcome them. Over the last few months, Jason has applied his learnings from his apprenticeship and utilised it throughout his role. In his video interview he outlined the importance of teamwork and the opportunities that have been made available to him through his apprenticeship, empowering him to develop in his career.   


IT Apprenticeships 


Kyle Ansfield, IT Support Engineer, who completed his Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship, shared his experience applying his newly developed knowledge and skills to his role. Kyle works closely with multiple departments across the business and has found that the apprenticeship has boosted his confidence communicating with stakeholders. His line manager James Ankers, Infrastructure Manager, discussed the positive impact that the apprenticeship has had on Kyle, strengthening his service as a member of the IT department. As James would say, Kyle just keep doing what you’re doing.  


Customer Service Apprenticeships 


Mayor of Stockton with Ryan Gallen

Ryan Gallen, Customer Support Advisor, who completed his Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship supported by his Team Leader Becky Newman, delved into the world of customer experience within the Data Audit team. Ryan spoke about his newfound organisation and prioritisation skills from the apprenticeship, and how they have supported him in the role. In their video interview, Becky highlights the benefits of accessing the financial support available from the Government when the Company Levy fund has been fully utilised.   

Data Analyst Apprenticeships 


Chris Byers, Alan Keeney, and Adam Mason, Data Analysts, showcased the success stories of their apprenticeship journey. The trio discussed their career paths, successful projects, and the invaluable support received from Vianet and their teams throughout their apprenticeships. Alan has shown great progress in his journey, with various career changes throughout his time at Vianet and now fully certified as a Data Analyst. In their video interview, Adam touched on the types of software and reports that they use within their day-to-day role, as well as the value they add to the overall operation. With 20 years of service under his belt, Chris is a true Vianet veteran. He has worked in several departments across the business but has now found his home in the world of Data Analysis.

  Mayor of Stockton with Adam Mason Mayor of Stockton with Alan Keeney Mayor of Stockton with Chris Byers


Commercial Apprenticeships 

Mayor of Stockton with Paul Sansome

As part of Vianet’s Commercial Team, Paul Sansome, National Sales Manager, and Callum Hardy, Business Development Manager, are integral parts of bringing in new business. Paul completed his Operational/ Departmental Manager Apprenticeship, helping him build relationships internally and externally. Callum completed his Sales Executive Apprenticeship, giving him the tools to enhance his communication techniques with customers. In their video interview, both apprentices outline the importance of carving out time to complete the course work and time management to balance both further learning and day-to-day responsibilities.  


A Commitment to our People 

National Apprenticeship Week at Vianet stands as a dedication to fostering talent, providing meaningful learning experiences, and shaping the future workforce. As Vianet continues to prioritise employee development, the success stories of its apprentices exemplify the positive impact of investing in continuous learning and growth. We encourage you to think about how apprenticeships could support both yourself and your employees to refine skill sets or develop new ones. For more information on the opportunities available at Vianet, get in contact with our People and Development team at  

Management Development ProgrammeWe would like to congratulate our MDP (Management Development Programme) graduates, Cindy Shing, Kirsty Kirk, Katherine May, Andrew Walton, Philip Macmahon, and Laura Langrick for completing their programme this week! 🎓 As well as Thomas Highfield for facilitating and delivering such a great course!

The MDP includes six modules aimed at developing the skills and knowledge necessary for effective leadership. The programme is Chartered Management Institute recognised, meaning the modules have been mapped against some of the most scrutinised standards in management development. They have worked hard over the last 6 months and it has been an honour and a privilege to watch them grow and develop.

What Vianet Believes 

At Vianet, we recognise that great people are key to driving the business forward and delivering outstanding performance. Only by having incredibly talented people who are driven by boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, and who have the courage to make tough calls, can Vianet be a forward-thinking, high-performance business.








Our MDP is a comprehensive program designed to equip managers with the fundamental skills and knowledge required for effective leadership and team management. It covers a wide range of topics, such as employee engagement, building and managing teams, assertive communication and conflict management, time management, and coaching skills.

An In-Depth Look

The programme starts with helping new managers transition from being team members to team managers by understanding their role in setting expectations, managing performance, and building trust with team members. It then goes on to cover how managers can create a culture of engagement by creating a positive work environment, providing feedback and recognition, and communicating effectively with team members.

We emphasise the importance of building and managing a successful team by understanding team dynamics, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and objectives, and developing team members. It also helps managers develop the skills they need to communicate assertively and manage conflicts effectively with key stakeholders.

In addition to these critical leadership skills, the programme covers essential time management techniques to improve productivity and manage priorities effectively. Finally, the programme provides managers with the tools to coach and develop their team members to achieve their full potential.








To mark the special occasion, the graduates delivered a presentation to our CEO, the Exec, and their line managers on their knowledge gained over the last few months. A big thank you to all who were involved, mentoring and guiding our graduates through this process. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Great job everyone! 👏 🎓


If you want more information on our careers at Vianet, please contact us at

Vianet is excited to announce that we have partnered with Vendekin Technologies‘ mobile payment solution to drive further growth into the unattended retail market in the UK. This disruptive technology will provide a seamless mobile checkout experience for customers and help operators increase their sales with a lower capital outlay.

Whether you own a vending machine, micro market, laundrette, EV charging station, plus much more, QR payment is here for your unattended business. Already in 16 countries, Vendekin is leading a new revolution in fully contactless payment technology.

In 4 easy steps, customers can access any of your product offerings, simply scan, select, pay, and collect. It’s that easy! With no limits on how many products/services they can select in one transaction, saving customers time at every visit.

Fully integrated with our SmartVend platform, you still have access to all data for your entire estate, giving you the freedom to choose how customers pay.

If you want more information on QR payment, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on our products and services contact Don’t forget to request your free demo today!

SmartVend Dashboard

SmartVend provides everything you need to manage your business. Giving complete transparency into business performance identifying opportunities to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and grow your profits. 

With a host of new features, SmartVend delivers a fully flexible, cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for on-premise servers. The comprehensive vending 

management system covers everything from stock and service to micro markets and touchless payment, with customisable features that put you in control. 

Joanne Vinton-Bullwinkel, Vianet’s Head of Product said, 

“We’ve promised a lot to Vianet customers and, while SmartVend has continued to evolve and grow in that time, we have saved the best until last.  

There are lots of absolute gems to be found in the latest releases that will really make a difference to our customers.  

While initial focus is on integrations, we will be working closely with our customers throughout 2023 to ensure SmartVend remains the industry’s only choice.”


What Does SmartVend Have to Offer Vending Operators 

SmartVend’s stock management tool allows vending operators full visibility of stock from warehouse to machine and everything in between. The easy to use stocktake functionality ensures you have the stock when and where you need it, minimising unnecessary loads, machine visits and fuel expenses – whilst maximising availability.  

The service dashboard provides a live view of performance across your machine estate, helping to ensure the service levels are maintained, vending machine downtime is minimised, and customers are receiving the best possible service. All whilst keeping a keen eye on profitability, of course! 


SmartVend App Pick List

The stock and service functions within SmartVend are supported by an intuitive mobile app, designed to ensure operators and engineers can work as efficiently and accurately as possible from the field or the office. 

Scanning cash bags at the point of collection reduces input errors and allows for easy cash reconciliation. The SmartVend cash management tool then compares the data captured in the field/by the machine to that counted in the office, highlighting any discrepancies, and removing the possibility of revenue loss at every step. 

Your workforce becomes instantly more effective with the customisable prompts that can be set up against machines, sites and/or operators and are triggered by time/date or an event, for example, a weekly vehicle checklist. This allows users to add both mandatory and non-mandatory actions, notes, alerts, reminders, requests for information (for example, start or end mileage) and/or checklists for operators to complete during their route. The opportunities are endless.  

Vianet haven’t stopped there. They have also revisited existing functionality to ensure it meets the standards they have set with the new features and additions. This included making significant improvements to the way routes are scheduled by factoring in stock levels, allowing customers to set their own specific thresholds and making re-assignment and changes to routes as easy as possible. 

SmartVend Vending Estate Map

The new estate map gives users an overview of their entire estate with customisable Red-Amber-Green status’ that ensures operators have an at a glance live view of the issues that matter the most.

Pro-active ‘pick lists’ based on current and predicted stock levels ensure operators have the stock they need before they leave depot – by machine and product.  A ‘red route line’ on the map easily identifies routes with insufficient stock to complete the route.

There is more to come. With kerbside scanning, operators will have the ability to audit each machine from their vehicle, providing real-time accurate stock and cash information. 

SmartVend’s new finance module, ensures seamless integration with third party finance service providers. Additionally, there are many other features in development that Vianet look forward to showcasing to the industry in 2023. 


Vending Machine with SmartContact Pro

Vianet’s End-to-End Solution  

SmartVend works in seamlessly with Vianet’s award-winning contactless payment and telemetry products, making it the industry’s only cloud-based, end-to-end solution. Vianet recognises the industry’s desire to make life easier for operators and engineers.  

With over 52,000 active devices currently connected, SmartVend processes more than £7.01m sales and 7.07m million transactions every month. SmartVend will now also integrate free of charge with other third-party contactless payment providers – we believe flexibility and ingenuity are the key to industry-leading products. 


Mark Parry, Vianet’s Commercial Director said,

“The future is promising for the vending industry. With the support and flexibility of Vianet’s SmartVend cloud-based Vending Management System and its seamless integration of automated data, we are branching into new markets across the UK and Europe.

Over the past two years, Vianet has invested significantly into product development and our commercial teams to ensure continued platform innovation, a pain free migration process and dedicated client management support.

SmartVend, alongside our award-winning payment and telemetry hardware, provides our partners with the technology needed to continually adapt their business to the fast paced and ever-changing world we live in today.”


To find out more about SmartVend, visit


Vianet’s new all-in-one contactless payment solution ‘SmartContact Pro’ has integrated telemetry, a touch screen display and multiple network capabilities, making it the

perfect solution to futureproof any unattended or automated retail businesses. From car washes to laundromats, or vending to leisure assets, we’ve got you covered.

Vianet are seeing more demand for contactless payment being applied to the likes of pool tables, ticket machines, vending machines, arcade games, jukeboxes, photobooths, laundromats, golf ball dispensing in driving ranges and much more.


With low transaction fees from 1.2% and the ability to get cash in the bank from 24 hours, Vianet’s payment solutions certainly offers the wider unattended retail industry a competitive solution to maximise their profits and operational efficiencies.

The new ‘SmartContact Pro’ is compatible with many different machine protocols and markets including automated retail, forecourts, leisure, and hospitality assets; hence the possibilities are plentiful with where you can install this device. As an all-in-one solution, the integrated telemetry also offers businesses a solution to access their machine data and insights remotely, allowing them to manage machine estates anywhere, anytime. It is hassle free with the option for seamless API integration into third party platforms.

The contactless payment terminal can either work as a standard contactless payment device with a simple ‘Press GO to start ’ button or the option to have a configurable selection window display. If you have a machine that doesn’t have its own interface to do this, this is a great option to instruct your machine on what option has been selected. It offers the possibility to add multiple lines and pages of programmes, products, or services to select from.

Furthermore, multimedia capabilities are included with this device. With the ability to upload content, it can play multimedia such as videos, images, or adverts through a HDMI port to external displays, screens, or monitors. Playing adverts or additional information for engaged or passing customers is a great feature for any business looking to perhaps utilise for advertising space, as an additional revenue stream.

Vianet’s Solution Development team are also working hard in the background on different features and functionality to enhance this contactless payment device. The latest development on the ‘SmartContact Pro’ is a receipt functionality. After a transaction has been processed on the ‘SmartContact Pro’, it is able to display QR code receipts on the terminal, allowing customers to scan to their phone as a proof of purchase.

Winning the ‘Best Payment System’ for our ‘SmartContact Pro’ at ‘The Vendies 2022’ Vending Industry Awards in the UK, Vianet have excelled themselves with this one, making it one of the most progressive, attractive, and cost-effective payment solutions on the market today.

If you’d like to find out more, you can get in touch with one of our team for a chat and a demo via the contact page.

Throughout each year, Vianet gives something back in a way that has the potential to have a positive impact in the wider community. For our Giving Something Back campaign this year we have been raising funds for My Sisters Place Middlesbrough, our chosen charity, delivering fundraising and support to their cause.

Who are My Sisters Place?

My Sisters Place is an independent specialist ‘One Stop Shop’ for women aged 16 or over and have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. Established in 2002 in Middlesbrough, the charity is committed to working in partnership to tackle domestic violence.

Their approach is rooted in an understanding of the gendered nature of violence against women and girls, and recognises the way intersecting factors such as age, ethnicity, sexuality, and disability can affect women’s experiences and the journey through recovery. Women and children have a right to live free from all forms of violence and abuse, and society has a duty to recognise and defend this right. My Sister’s Place takes this responsibility seriously and works with a wide range of partners to generate the best outcomes for women and children.


Raising Funds for our Chosen Charity

So far in 2022, Vianet have held several fundraisers for the charity including voucher and ticket raffles, football sweepstakes, cake sales, and an office tuck shop. As well as these smaller fundraisers, six of our employees took part in this year’s Tough Mudder 10k race, raising a whooping £2650.

The first 3 fundraisers we carried out totalling £500 were paid to the charity during ‘The Big Give’, a fund matching initiative whereby for every pound donated, the charity will match funds through their platform for the selected cause. This has meant they received further funding to double the sum for them – add this extra £500 to the total, and we have raised £3,852.94 so far. 


Giving Something Back through Community Support

My Sisters Place runs a Community Ambassador ‘Ask Me’ Scheme and they offered to deliver training to any Vianet employees interested in becoming an ambassador back in April 2022. The scheme is designed to equip everyday people with an understanding of domestic abuse and how to respond to survivors thereby enabling the community to play an active role in ending domestic abuse. 10 of Vianet’s employees volunteered to take part and during training, delegates learnt about domestic abuse, how to challenge the stereotypes surrounding it and how to listen to, believe and direct survivors to specialist support.

Following training, ambassadors are given resources and support to share what they have learned with those around them, in ways that feel most comfortable to them. They are encouraged to start conversations about domestic abuse that will help others to better understand the barriers that survivors face in speaking out. My Sisters Place will also keep in touch with opportunities and events such as meet-ups, campaigns and volunteering so that ambassadors can be involved as much or as little as they are able to commit to.

Vianet recognise the importance of having qualified Mental Health First Aiders within an organisation  and as part of the support offering to My Sisters Place, they were able to deliver a Mental Health First Aid training course to 5 employees from My Sisters Place. This has given them each the FAA Level 3 award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health, equipping them with skills and knowledge to identify and deal with mental health matters that arise whilst delivering their service.

In addition to the support Vianet employees offered each other through training and giving back to the community, we have donated several computer tablets after our engineers had theirs replaced, and donated a selection of Easter eggs at Easter for families supported by the charity. Moreover, we have been able to also link them up with a local landscaping company (ATM Limited), who have completed a garden make-over for the charity, free of charge.


What’s Next?

Over the next couple of months, Vianet will be continuing to raise funds with a Bungee Jump in Whitby on the 1st October (to support with a donation, please visit here), and a Family Quiz/Games Night for employees and their families and friends to take part in on 8th October.


Keep checking back on our social media for the latest!

SmartVend Dashboard Launch - Sept 2022

SmartVend allows vending operators access to their entire estate, as well as by site, remotely. It offers a comprehensive reporting suite, product sales analysis, actionable data insight, with real-time machine alerts, and a new service module with invaluable operational capabilities.

The vending management system works in synchronicity with Vianet’s contactless payment and telemetry products, offering the industry’s leading cloud-based full end-to-end solution. With over 48,000 active devices currently connected, there are in excess of £3.8m sales processed and 4 million transactions completed remotely every month in SmartVend.


Vianet has been continually evolving SmartVend as part of an ongoing commitment to our customers to deliver against the present and, more importantly, future requirements of their customers and prospects. New features were released earlier in 2022, including cash management, asset management and a ticket-based alert system. The latest releases will also offer customers the tools to be proactive, and effectively manage their estates.

Rob Thompson, SmartVend’s Product Owner, said

“While the focus on continuous improvement is central to every decision made at Vianet, the benefit of working this way has been best demonstrated in the changes we have made to how we develop our products. Whether that be in the people we’ve added to the team or the changes we’ve made to processes, we’re able to successfully deliver as a result and we know that what’s coming will have a positive impact on the way our customers run their businesses.”

The new launches in SmartVend include…



SmartVend will feature a brand-new service dashboard, giving vending operators a live view of site/estate performance, helping to ensure service levels are maintained, machine downtime is minimised, and customers receive the best possible service. The dashboard has been designed to accommodate bespoke configuration that reflect your business priorities.

Customisable widgets provide actionable insight into the issues that matter the most to you and your customers – from parts requiring restock or visits requiring parts, to open service visits and machine performance.

From machine profitability to operator performance, data driven analysis on key metrics highlights key opportunities for the user to drive operational efficiencies and maximise revenue.



SmartVend engineer

SmartVend will feature a ‘prompt management’ tool, enhancing direct communication between your office and field-based workforces via the SmartVend app. Prompts can be set up against machines, sites and/or operators and are triggered by time/date or an event, for example, a weekly vehicle checklist, or a reminder regarding a ‘no nut’ policy upon arrival at a specific site.

This fully customisable feature allows users to add both mandatory and non-mandatory actions, notes, alerts, reminders, requests for information (for example start or end mileage) and/or checklists for operators to complete during their routes. This new feature will include a customisable report providing users with a clear record of what has been sent or requested, when it was received and how the operator responded.



SmartVend Mobile App

Scheduled Routes will offer SmartVend users the ability to schedule re-occurring visits/routes based on time, stock levels or customer-specific thresholds. Users will also have the ability to re-assign routes from one operator to another in just three clicks!

Enhanced functionality allows users to add photos and notes to service visits, alongside parts used and/or replaced, contributing to an accurate record of both the action taken by the operator and the cost of resolving the issue. Users can also monitor progress against schedules to maximise operator up time and minimise the impact of unplanned visits, allowing users to act quickly when issues arise.



SmartVend DashboardThe new launches will offer customers a more extensive toolkit to manage their estate. The enhancements have been designed to give SmartVend users more flexibility, greater efficiency, and the essential tools they need to maximise the profitability and efficiency of their business.


Matt Thornton, Vianet’s Client Director said

“Our customers have communicated their needs and requirements with us, and our technology and product teams have worked hard to deliver effective solutions that not only combat the day to day needs of these operators but arm them with essential tools to drive their business forward into the future of vending.”



Vianet is committed to delivering products that not only support their customers with their day-to-day business needs, but also in enabling the reduction of their carbon footprint, and the overall efficiency of their businesses. SmartVend helps to facilitate this through highlighting areas of avoidable carbon consumption and opportunities to reduce costs such as mileage between visits, van size and stock carried.

While SmartVend’s Stock Management tool is predominantly used to ensure machines are well stocked and sales opportunities are maximised, it also offers insight that can help our customers reduce waste.

As well as this, utilising product sales insight to optimise planograms ensures machines are stocked with the right products at the right time, changing an operational tool into a way to maximise product shelf life and minimise waste.  Something as simple as moving products with a shorter shelf life to the optimal spirals in a machine can significantly improve turnaround and reduce expiry date driven waste – a win for both revenue and the planet.

The journey from warehouse to machine highlights further opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.  Factors such as speed, road quality, load weight and the distance/frequency of the journey are all ‘problem areas’ we can work to improve, when considering the impact of our carbon footprint.  Utilising picklists to ensure operators only carry the stock they need – immediately reducing CO2 emissions – combined with ‘green’ route planning and live sales data, not only avoids unnecessary journeys, but also significantly reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.



As part of Vianet’s ongoing commitment to continuous and strategic improvement, we will shortly be sharing details of our new Finance Module and API suite – ensuring seamless integration with third party providers.

Mark Parry, Vianet’s Commercial Director said

“The future is looking promising for the industry with the support and flexibility they will get with SmartVend’s cloud-based vending management system and its continually evolving features. As we expand our reach across Europe and into new verticals of unattended retail, this technology and insight is paramount to any operator looking to drive profit growth and improve efficiencies within their business.”


Find out more about SmartVend here.

Pictured above from the left: Presenting the Best Payment System award, Phil Reynolds, Managing Director of Vendex; accepting their award, Vianet’s Matt Thornton, Client Director; Rachel Little, Marketing Manager; Mark Parry, Commercial Director; and on the right, The Vendies 2022 host, comedian Ian Moore.

On Thursday, 9th June 2022, Vianet travelled down to the capital to attend The Vendies 2022. This year’s Vending Industry Awards, hosted by Vending International, were held in the Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn, Central London, and welcomed a wealth of suppliers and operators from across the UK’s vending industry.

Vianet was crowned the winner of two awards; ‘Best Payment System’, and ‘Best Supplier Website’. The Company was also ‘Highly Commended’ for the ‘Corporate Responsibility’ award, alongside the category winner, Mondelēz International.


The ‘Best Payment System’ award is a major achievement for Vianet, as contactless payment reached new highs of demand throughout the pandemic and the Company’s brand new contactless payment and telemetry solution, ‘SmartContact Pro’, was introduced to the unattended retail market to meet demand.Contactless Payment for Vending Machine

Vianet’s contactless payment, telemetry, and data services work in synchronicity to provide invaluable insight for the industry looking to utilise cashless payment data. Vianet offers the only truly end-to-end solution on the market, having already helped many vending businesses adopt cashless technology and data capture across their estate to make informed decisions.

Winning ‘Best Supplier Website’ is an excellent accolade for Vianet, following the launch of its new and improved website in November 2021. Changes were introduced to the website to improve the users understanding of Vianet’s products and services, improve the user journey, and introduce a streamlined login area for accessing service dashboards remotely.

Vianet was shortlisted in seven award categories, which were decided by a judging process in the spring. Each award entry was reviewed by an independent panel of industry experts, comprising leading names from across the sector. The judging panel assessed the entries in accordance with a strict set of criteria to determine a shortlist in each category.

The shortlists went to an online vote, where professionals from the vending sector were invited to make their voices heard by casting a vote for the products, operators, and individuals that they believed would be worthy winners. Each stage of the vote held a 50% weighting in the final decision.

Mark Parry, Vianet’s Commercial Director, attended the awards, stating, “We had a fantastic day in London for The Vendies, and I’m extremely proud of the Smart Machines division and our support functions who have contributed to this success. Already in 2022 we have had some great achievements, launching new features into SmartVend and expanding our reach in the payments market. These awards are testament to this and the hard work of our team.”

Huge congratulations to the other award winners at the event. There is incredible talent within the vending industry at present and it is fantastic to see this recognised. To find out more about the winners of The Vendies 2022, please click here.

The Vendies 2022 Winners

Pictured: The Vianet team alongside other ‘The Vendies 2022’ award winners at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London.

Technology and Data Insight company based in Stockton-on-Tees, Vianet, shortlisted as finalists at the Teesside sub-regional heats for this year’s North East Business Award 2022. Vianet are one of three businesses in the running for each of the following 2 categories: ‘Apprenticeships, Training and Skills Award’ and ‘Services Award’ – both sponsored by Middlesbrough College and Sage.

Great news for our whole team at Vianet as we are honoured to be shortlisted in our first nominations with the North East Business Awards. The results are due to be announced at the award ceremony on Thursday 23rd June 2022 at Middlesbrough College.

What does the North East Business Awards mean to Vianet?

These awards are a celebration of successful and innovative businesses right here in the heart of the North East, with each award professionally assessed by a panel of judging experts. If successful, the winners of each sub-regional heats then compete in the following Grand Final for the overall North East titles taking place on the 29th September.

Vianet have been continuously innovating and evolving our services and products to deliver valuable data insights for clients in the hospitality and unattended retail sectors across the UK and Europe. The company have seen a strong recovery since the global pandemic first hit, using the growth of the business to expand into new markets and continue nurturing on our own employee development. Engaging, growing, retaining, and unleashing the potential of people is critical to successful businesses – and Vianet are no different.

Apprenticeships, Training and Skills Award

‘Apprenticeships, Training and Skills Award’ Finalist

We recognise that great people are key to driving the business forward and delivering outstanding performance. Vianet have actively been implementing apprenticeships, internships, training programmes, employee engagement and our e-learning portal, SmartAcademy, to name a few. Only by having incredibly talented people who are driven by boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, can Vianet be a forward-thinking, high-performance business. To receive this recognition in creating the best environment and workplace engagement will be testament to the great people’s training and skills involved.


Services Award

‘Services Award’ Finalist

Over the past 18 months, Vianet have made significant investments in our products, services, and people, laying a strong technology and commercial foundation to address our exciting growth opportunities in the vending and hospitality sectors. Working with over 300 customers, including blue-chip companies, our data software platforms, remote asset management and contactless payment solutions have allowed them to make informed operational decisions, driving profits, increasing sales and operational efficiencies. The experience and knowledge that few can match has resulted in developing a strong granular sales pipeline for the company.


Being shortlisted is a fantastic achievement for the Vianet team and testament to the hard work they put in. We wish all our fellow finalists the best of luck at this year’s North East Business Awards 2022.

To keep up to date with the latest on our people and products at Vianet, keep checking back on our news or alternatively follow our social media channels.

Compass Group are the largest contract foodservice company in the world, predominantly focus on Catering, Cleaning and Vending with some facilities management services.

In 2018, Vianet successfully won the preferred supplier status across Compass UK & Ireland to provide a volume of 5000 contactless readers over 5 years.

Find out more by clicking the image below to read our strategic partnership with Compass Group in further detail.

Compass Group Case Study

If you’d like to find out more about how our products and services can transform your vending business performance, please check out our Vending Solutions.