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Vianet, a prominent player in the technology and data analytics industry, is proud to commemorate National Apprenticeship Week, spotlighting the outstanding achievements of our apprentices. With an impressive 10% of its workforce engaged in apprenticeship programmes last year, Vianet is steadfast in its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering continuous learning and development. 

Graduation Day Extravaganza: A Glimpse into Success Stories

Local Dignitaries on tour of Vianet's Head Office

Vianet’s Head Office was abuzz with excitement on February 7th, as we hosted a grand graduation ceremony for our apprentices. The event was marked by the distribution of certificates to the graduates, who also had the opportunity to engage in an open forum discussion with local dignitaries, which included the Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees, Jim Beall. Chris Renahan, Assistant Director of Inclusive Growth and Development at Stockton Borough Council was also in attendance. In addition, the apprentices were joined by Vianet’s Executive Team and their managers. Some of the highlights of the event were a series of videos showcasing the journey and experience of each apprentice, as well as the opportunity to cultivate strong working relationships with the Council and local authorities.  

Learning & Development at Vianet 

Tom Highfield, Learning and Development Specialist at Vianet, took centre stage to elucidate the essence of apprenticeships within the organisation. Dispelling common misconceptions around the stereotypes of apprenticeships, Tom emphasised the unique support structures in place for apprentices facing challenges. Attendees described the apprenticeship journey as transformative, collaborative, and empowering. 


Stores Apprenticeships 

Mayor of Stockton with Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson, a Stores Assistant who completed the Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship, shared his journey and a glimpse into his role. Jason highlighted his experience in the role, as well as challenges that he has faced and how he has used his apprenticeship to overcome them. Over the last few months, Jason has applied his learnings from his apprenticeship and utilised it throughout his role. In his video interview he outlined the importance of teamwork and the opportunities that have been made available to him through his apprenticeship, empowering him to develop in his career.   


IT Apprenticeships 


Kyle Ansfield, IT Support Engineer, who completed his Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship, shared his experience applying his newly developed knowledge and skills to his role. Kyle works closely with multiple departments across the business and has found that the apprenticeship has boosted his confidence communicating with stakeholders. His line manager James Ankers, Infrastructure Manager, discussed the positive impact that the apprenticeship has had on Kyle, strengthening his service as a member of the IT department. As James would say, Kyle just keep doing what you’re doing.  


Customer Service Apprenticeships 


Mayor of Stockton with Ryan Gallen

Ryan Gallen, Customer Support Advisor, who completed his Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship supported by his Team Leader Becky Newman, delved into the world of customer experience within the Data Audit team. Ryan spoke about his newfound organisation and prioritisation skills from the apprenticeship, and how they have supported him in the role. In their video interview, Becky highlights the benefits of accessing the financial support available from the Government when the Company Levy fund has been fully utilised.   

Data Analyst Apprenticeships 


Chris Byers, Alan Keeney, and Adam Mason, Data Analysts, showcased the success stories of their apprenticeship journey. The trio discussed their career paths, successful projects, and the invaluable support received from Vianet and their teams throughout their apprenticeships. Alan has shown great progress in his journey, with various career changes throughout his time at Vianet and now fully certified as a Data Analyst. In their video interview, Adam touched on the types of software and reports that they use within their day-to-day role, as well as the value they add to the overall operation. With 20 years of service under his belt, Chris is a true Vianet veteran. He has worked in several departments across the business but has now found his home in the world of Data Analysis.

  Mayor of Stockton with Adam Mason Mayor of Stockton with Alan Keeney Mayor of Stockton with Chris Byers


Commercial Apprenticeships 

Mayor of Stockton with Paul Sansome

As part of Vianet’s Commercial Team, Paul Sansome, National Sales Manager, and Callum Hardy, Business Development Manager, are integral parts of bringing in new business. Paul completed his Operational/ Departmental Manager Apprenticeship, helping him build relationships internally and externally. Callum completed his Sales Executive Apprenticeship, giving him the tools to enhance his communication techniques with customers. In their video interview, both apprentices outline the importance of carving out time to complete the course work and time management to balance both further learning and day-to-day responsibilities.  


A Commitment to our People 

National Apprenticeship Week at Vianet stands as a dedication to fostering talent, providing meaningful learning experiences, and shaping the future workforce. As Vianet continues to prioritise employee development, the success stories of its apprentices exemplify the positive impact of investing in continuous learning and growth. We encourage you to think about how apprenticeships could support both yourself and your employees to refine skill sets or develop new ones. For more information on the opportunities available at Vianet, get in contact with our People and Development team at  

The festive season is upon us, and the end of another challenging year to say the least. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners for their custom and co-operation this year, as well as our employees. We wish you all and your families a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022.

Don’t forget, out of hours and during the times we are closed, there is installation guides, troubleshooting guides and training support available 24/7 through our SmartAcademy Training Platform.

Vianet’s Customer Experience Team’s open hours over the Christmas period to support you are as follows…





Vianet Best Companies Accreditation

Vianet have been quietly making waves during the pandemic, working hard to evolve their offering, advancing products and services to help clients futureproof their businesses with intelligent data insight and contactless payment solutions. In May 2021, Vianet were awarded two accreditations from Best Companies including national recognition for being one of ‘Technology’s 50 Best Companies to work for in 2021’.

The Stockton-on-Tees based company build their own IOT (Internet of Things) devices and deliver integrated hardware and software solutions. They help clients to transform their performance across multiple sectors including hospitality, vending, self-service, and unattended retail across the world.

Vianet are making giant leaps in the technology industry and it’s an exciting time to be a part of it. From contactless to mobile payment, and data insight to machine learning/AI, Vianet’s product scope delivers leading and evolving solutions in their chosen industries.


Vianet in search of Azure Cloud Developers

Vianet are recruiting for 4 Azure Cloud Developers to work in an effective and evolving Software Engineering team that is focused on supporting and developing the software and associated systems, primarily in Azure. These developers will also help and contribute to Vianet’s cloud strategy.

Working closely with existing development teams and the data team to develop data strategy and applications in cloud using Azure services. They will also contribute to the architecture and design of solutions, as well as taking responsibility for delivering on time and to specification.

Asad Munir, Head of Software Engineering said,

“Vianet is a sensational place to work with a personable team and innovative products. The most exciting part of it for me is the golden opportunity we have to build leading-edge and futuristic products using new technologies, and bringing about a digital transformation in the industries we are working in.

As we build more cloud native applications, we want to build for the future. We require experienced developers that can help us do just that.”

This is an incredible opportunity, with salaries £45,000-£75,000 P.A. dependant on talent and capability. The new developers will be working on some exciting new IOT Cloud projects Vianet are building for their clients. These are greenfield projects that will define their cloud platform, from data ingestion right through to machine learning and user experience.

To find out more about the Azure Cloud Developers job role available, please check out Our Careers Page for the job descriptions and requirements including responsibilities, skills, knowledge, and experience.

To apply, please email your CV over to

At Vianet, our P&D team have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on a brand new e-learning platform, SmartAcademy. The new platform delivers a sustainable and flexible training solution for Vianet’s customers and employees.

SmartAcademy offers a huge range of e-learning and face to face training courses to support your business and your employees. The eLearning Platform brings a wealth of experience from the Leisure, Vending, Technology, Customer Service, Personal Development and Leadership & Management Sectors, plus our Industry data and insight to businesses and employees via online and classroom learning.


Supporting Vianet Employee’s personal growth

On Monday 1st March 2021, Vianet launched their SmartAcademy platform to their internal employees to support our own employees with their Personal Growth. All employees have been given access to a range of courses and video tutorials that will enable them to learn and develop at a time and pace that suits their schedules.

Vianet Group Product Trainer, Joanna Corner, said

“The demand and need for an online learning platform has risen drastically and SmartAcademy is a tool which will enable us to move, grow and adapt in the times and the current circumstances we find ourselves in. Online learning is rapidly becoming the norm and is one of the most effective ways to educate. SmartAcademy gives both our employees and customers the freedom to learn at a time and pace that suits them, wherever they are!”

SmartAcademy will be regularly updated with new content, keeping employees in the loop through new training and videos on products, new releases, and continuous personal and professional development.

To celebrate the launch, with most employees still working from home, Vianet sent out launch packs filled with goodies for our employees, as well as launching a competition with the chance for one lucky employee to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy A7 Tablet!

SmartAcademy supporting the launch of SmartVend Insight Portal

Back in November 2020, SmartAcademy was initially launched to selected Vianet customers in line with the launch of SmartVend, the new Insight Portal, giving SmartVend customers informative training and videos on the eLearning Platform on how to navigate and best utilise their new portal.

Vianet Business Development Manager, Cole Little, said

“SmartAcademy has been a game changer for enabling our customers to proactively develop their learning and understanding of SmartVend, our new insight portal. The short videos and audio commentary of each area gives our customers the confidence and support they require to fully utilise SmartVend, thus allowing our customers to focus on improving sales performances and creating operational efficiencies.”

If you’d like to know more about SmartAcademy and how it can benefit your business or learn more about the training offered, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to find out more about our e-learning platform.