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Visual, interactive, intuitive and simple to use reporting suite, delivering data that is tailored to our customers. The dashboard and features make it quick and easy for you to access the insight you need with concise reporting, giving you the tools to drive efficiency and better decision making throughout your business.

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SmartInsight gives you greater business transparency allowing you to access the data you need. Utilising the dashboard and concise reporting, you are able to drive efficiency and better decision making throughout your business. 

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Interactive Reporting

Dashboards and enriched reports provide you with an overview of your strategic estate

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Strategic Insight

Explore your estate and site performance data in detail, powering your business to make fast confident decisions

Vianet Insight Forecast Data

Data Interrogation

Take control of your data with the ability to drill down to various levels of granularity across your estate, for example by sales by hour, day, month, or product

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Your Reporting Suite

Everything in one place, holistic reports suite in a single portal, accessible on laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

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Market Insight

Compare your performance against the market, integrating additional datasets from our key market data partner

The Benefits

The SmartInsight dashboard and enriched reports provide you with a strategic overview of your estate allowing you to take control of your data. This reporting suite will help you to achieve even greater levels of insight and operational efficiency, allowing you to make confident decisions.

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User-friendly, intuitive, multi-layered reporting. Mobile ready giving you the flexibility to access key data wherever and whenever you need

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Insight at your fingertips proactively targeting sites that need your attention

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Track, measure and protect your return on investment

dedicated support helpdesk

Data Support

Our specialist support teams are on hand to support your business needs


    Stonegate Pub Company
    Admiral Taverns
    Vianet client - Red Oak Taverns


    As a Brewer, when it’s your own beer – quality becomes even more important. Wadworth have definitely benefitted
    from improvements in quality.

    Chris Welham
    Wadworth Brewery

    Working to successfully re-open our Leased and Tenanted businesses following the 15-week lockdown, we have found the Vianet information incredibly insightful. The new iDraught technology has really opened our, and our Partners’, eyes to using this data in a more forward-thinking manner for the future, and we’re looking forward to making the most of our partnership once
    our pubs are back up and running.

    Andrew Parker
    Managing Director of Leased and Tenanted Operations
    Hawthorn Pubs

    The insight Vianet supply into major sporting events is invaluable, it provides an immediate gauge on the impact of the event and how you have performed versus your peers.

    Danny Hawkins
    Head of Commercial
    Punch Pubs

    The support we have received from Vianet in the way of prompt and insightful data has been of huge benefit in the
    successful re-opening of our business.

    Managing Director

    The granular level of detailed reporting throughout the reopening period, from product level, to pub level, area manager, region and business totals has been invaluable in helping us analyse how our individual businesses and regions have fared in recent weeks. Added to the usual weekly data set and the bespoke reports Vianet have been able to run on our behalf, we have been able to implement specific and focused strategies on which to help our hard working tenant partners take on the challenges our industry faces right now.

    Mark Grunnell
    Co-founder and Chief Executive
    Red Oak Taverns

    The data and insights Vianet have provided over the first few weeks of reopening have been invaluable. Given the fast-moving nature of the situation, the accuracy and timeliness of their service is testament to their professionalism and understanding of our needs.


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