SmartVend Wins Best Digital Campaign/Project at Tees Tech Awards 2023

On June 1st, the prestigious Tees Tech Awards 2023 unfolded amidst the stunning backdrop of the Kirkleatham Walled Garden. Among the outstanding businesses and industry leaders in attendance, Vianet emerged victorious, clinching the coveted Best Digital Campaign/Project Award for their groundbreaking innovation, SmartVend. A total of 10 enthusiastic members from Vianet, spanning different departments and seniority levels, were present to represent the company at this grand black-tie affair. This remarkable achievement further solidifies Vianet’s position as a leading force in the technology sector across the Teesside region.

The Tees Tech Awards

The Tees Tech Awards are an annual celebration of technological innovation and excellence in the Tees Valley region. The event brings together businesses from various sectors, ranging from cutting-edge startups to established industry giants. This prestigious event aims to recognise and reward the remarkable achievements of businesses that have demonstrated exceptional prowess in the field of technology.


Vianet’s Best Digital Campaign/Project Award

Vianet, renowned for its transformative digital solutions, was honoured with the highly acclaimed Best Digital Campaign/Project Award for its ingenious creation, SmartVend. This groundbreaking project leverages state-of-the-art technology to optimise vending machine operations, enabling businesses to streamline their processes, increase efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. The recognition of Vianet’s efforts at the Tees Tech Awards highlights its dedication to delivering innovative and impactful solutions that revolutionise the industry.


The SmartVend Revolution

SmartVend, the brainchild of Vianet’s talented team, represents a game-changing solution in the vending industry. By incorporating cutting-edge IoT technology and data analytics, SmartVend empowers businesses to gather real-time insights, improve stock management, and personalise the customer experience. This innovative platform not only enhances operational efficiency but also facilitates data-driven decision-making, enabling businesses to make informed choices that drive growth and profitability.


Vianet’s Representation at the Event

The Tees Tech Awards were not only an opportunity to celebrate Vianet’s success but also to acknowledge the collective efforts of the entire team. Ten individuals from various departments and levels of seniority within Vianet attended the event, exuding the company’s commitment to inclusivity and recognising the contributions of its diverse workforce. These representatives all worked closely on the project, showcasing the collaborative spirit and passion that underpins Vianet’s pursuit of technological excellence.


Black Tie Extravaganza

The grandeur of the Tees Tech Awards was further accentuated by the black-tie dress code, adding an air of elegance and sophistication to the event. Attendees embraced this formal attire, exuding both style and professionalism. The black-tie dress code set the tone for an evening filled with excitement, networking opportunities, and celebrations of technological achievements.

Onward and Upwards

Vianet’s resounding success at the Tees Tech Awards, winning the Best Digital Campaign/Project Award for SmartVend, is a testament to their unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. This prestigious recognition solidifies Vianet’s position as a frontrunner in the technology sector, inspiring further advancements in the industry. With their transformative solutions and commitment to pushing boundaries, Vianet continues to pave the way for a future where technology plays a crucial role in optimising business operations and enhancing customer experiences.



SmartContact Pro Wins Vendies Awards 2023

Vianet made its way to London on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023, for the prestigious Vendies Awards. This year’s Vending Industry Awards were hosted by Vending International at the esteemed Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn, Central London. The event brought together a diverse range of suppliers and operators from across the UK’s vending industry.

For the second consecutive year, Vianet was honoured with the coveted title of ‘Best Payment System.’ This achievement is particularly significant for Vianet as their SmartContact Pro, a newly introduced product last year, has successfully defended its position and retained the award following a year of remarkable success.

Mark Parry, Commercial Director of Vianet, expressed his immense pride at the company’s achievement, stating, “As the Commercial Director of Vianet, I am incredibly proud to announce that we have once again received the prestigious Best Payment System award at this year’s Vendies Awards for our exceptional product, Smart Contact Pro. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering cutting-edge payment solutions to our valued clients. It is a testament to our talented team’s hard work and dedication, who consistently strive to provide the highest level of service and technological advancements. This accolade reaffirms our position as an industry leader and motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the payment processing landscape. We are thrilled to be recognized for our achievements and remain committed to surpassing expectations, creating seamless and secure payment experiences for unattended retail businesses and related markets.”


Vianet’s End-to-End Solution

Vianet’s contactless payment, telemetry, and data services seamlessly integrate to provide invaluable insights to the industry, catering to their needs for utilising cashless payment data. Unlike any other solution in the market, Vianet offers a truly end-to-end package, assisting numerous vending businesses in adopting cashless technology and data capture across their operations to make informed decisions.

Vianet had the distinction of being shortlisted in eight award categories, which were meticulously evaluated by an independent panel of industry experts during the spring. These panellists, distinguished figures from various sectors, assessed each entry according to strict criteria, ultimately determining the finalists in each category.

The Vendies Experience

“The venue itself was breath-taking, exuding elegance and charm, providing the perfect backdrop for this prestigious event. Not only was the event a celebration of excellence in the vending industry, but it also offered a fantastic opportunity for networking. I had the pleasure of engaging with fellow suppliers and operators, forging connections and exchanging ideas. The networking aspect of the evening proved invaluable, opening doors to potential collaborations and future partnerships”.  – Charlotte Biggs, Marketing & Communications Manager


Heartfelt congratulations to all the other award recipients at the event. The vending industry boasts an incredible pool of talent, and it is truly gratifying to witness their outstanding contributions being acknowledged. To learn more about SmartContact Pro, please click here.



Management Development ProgrammeWe would like to congratulate our MDP (Management Development Programme) graduates, Cindy Shing, Kirsty Kirk, Katherine May, Andrew Walton, Philip Macmahon, and Laura Langrick for completing their programme this week! 🎓 As well as Thomas Highfield for facilitating and delivering such a great course!

The MDP includes six modules aimed at developing the skills and knowledge necessary for effective leadership. The programme is Chartered Management Institute recognised, meaning the modules have been mapped against some of the most scrutinised standards in management development. They have worked hard over the last 6 months and it has been an honour and a privilege to watch them grow and develop.

What Vianet Believes 

At Vianet, we recognise that great people are key to driving the business forward and delivering outstanding performance. Only by having incredibly talented people who are driven by boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, and who have the courage to make tough calls, can Vianet be a forward-thinking, high-performance business.








Our MDP is a comprehensive program designed to equip managers with the fundamental skills and knowledge required for effective leadership and team management. It covers a wide range of topics, such as employee engagement, building and managing teams, assertive communication and conflict management, time management, and coaching skills.

An In-Depth Look

The programme starts with helping new managers transition from being team members to team managers by understanding their role in setting expectations, managing performance, and building trust with team members. It then goes on to cover how managers can create a culture of engagement by creating a positive work environment, providing feedback and recognition, and communicating effectively with team members.

We emphasise the importance of building and managing a successful team by understanding team dynamics, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and objectives, and developing team members. It also helps managers develop the skills they need to communicate assertively and manage conflicts effectively with key stakeholders.

In addition to these critical leadership skills, the programme covers essential time management techniques to improve productivity and manage priorities effectively. Finally, the programme provides managers with the tools to coach and develop their team members to achieve their full potential.








To mark the special occasion, the graduates delivered a presentation to our CEO, the Exec, and their line managers on their knowledge gained over the last few months. A big thank you to all who were involved, mentoring and guiding our graduates through this process. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Great job everyone! 👏 🎓


If you want more information on our careers at Vianet, please contact us at

Our very own Head of Technology, Thom Menzies has been featured alongside other local businesses for our partnership with CyberWhite, a Teeside-based cyber security firm.

Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen met with some of CyberWhite’s clients to discuss the importance of cyber security in helping businesses to grow in the local area.

Working with several businesses across the region, CyberWhite recently facilitated a meeting between Mr Houchen and some of its Teesside clients to discuss the importance of cyber security in helping businesses to grow in the local area.


“The technology space on Teesside is growing rapidly and it’s important that we work collaboratively with businesses to ensure they have the security they need for success in the future.” – Matt Hewison (Director at CyberWhite)



Thom Menzies, Head of Technology at Vianet

“There is a lot of opportunity for the region to grow and it’s meetings like today that allow us to share ideas and plan for a more prosperous future.

Partnering with CyberWhite has allowed us to plan strategically for the next three years, identifying information security objectives and milestones. The relationship is superb, and the team are really interested in delivering outcomes.” – Thom Menzies (Head of Technology at Vianet)





“It shows that the digital sector can help the industrial sector and ultimately help increase local jobs by spending more money in the local area.” – Ben Houchen (Tees Valley Mayor)





If you want more information on our careers in the technology division, please contact us at

Vianet is excited to announce that we have partnered with Vendekin Technologies‘ mobile payment solution to drive further growth into the unattended retail market in the UK. This disruptive technology will provide a seamless mobile checkout experience for customers and help operators increase their sales with a lower capital outlay.

Whether you own a vending machine, micro market, laundrette, EV charging station, plus much more, QR payment is here for your unattended business. Already in 16 countries, Vendekin is leading a new revolution in fully contactless payment technology.

In 4 easy steps, customers can access any of your product offerings, simply scan, select, pay, and collect. It’s that easy! With no limits on how many products/services they can select in one transaction, saving customers time at every visit.

Fully integrated with our SmartVend platform, you still have access to all data for your entire estate, giving you the freedom to choose how customers pay.

If you want more information on QR payment, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on our products and services contact Don’t forget to request your free demo today!



Vendex Midlands 2023 was a success! On Wednesday 22nd, April Vianet exhibited at the Vendex Midlands show in Milton Keynes. It was a day full of connecting with new faces and catching up with familiar ones. We wanted to make a splash with our largest stand yet, pulling out all the stops. Showcasing our star product, SmartVend, and our long-standing favourites, SmartContact and SmartContact Pro.




Alongside our product offering was a live demonstration of our new QR payment feature, courtesy of our partnership with Vendekin Technologies. The stand displayed a vending machine and smart fridge equipped with QR payment. We had a fantastic turnout and met so many great connections. Thank you to all who participated in our putting competition, for a chance to win a trip to Gleneagles. If you didn’t win the golfing opportunity, we hope you were lucky with our free-vend activity, with the chance to win a gift card from our vending machine.



We thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting this year, it was such a fantastic event! Our QR payment offering drove a lot of interest and encouraged visitors to interact with the stand. Vendex North is just around the corner, so we can’t wait to come back even bigger and better! Charlotte Biggs (Marketing and Communications Manager)




If you want more information on anything you saw at the show, or if you weren’t able to make it, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on our products and services contact Don’t forget to request your free demo today!

Vianet attended the NIVO Supplier of The Year Lunch on January 24th, 2023. NIVO provide a range of business support services for independent regional vending operators and suppliers. With over 260 Operator Members and an additional 60+ supply members, NIVO offer a vast and varied marketing and support program to bring all interested parties together.


Our Marketing and Communications Manager and Senior Client Relationship Manager had a fantastic day networking with all of the other attendees. The event was held at the Woodhall Hills Golf Club in Calverley, Leeds. With suppliers attending from across the vending industry, NIVO presented a variety of awards. The awards ceremony was followed by a delicious lunch and engaging conversation. It was a great day to network with familiar faces and new ones.


“As a new member of the vending community and of Vianet, I have had the warmest of welcomes. The event was a great way to meet industry leaders and new connections. NIVO put on a terrific day and helped introduce me to relevant attendees. I look forward to catching up with everyone in the months to come!”

– Charlotte Biggs (Marketing & Communications Manager, Vianet).



Vianet was awarded the Highly Commended award for Supplier of The Year.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for voting for us and supporting us each year. We couldn’t do it without you! Our Senior Client Relationship Manager, Kirsty Kirk received the award on Vianet’s behalf. Nominated and voted by Operator members, the award represents an ongoing emphasis on service, as well as constantly providing the highest levels of support. Vianet does this through dedicated customer support, in-house engineers, and committed client managers. We look forward to continuing to provide the best possible service for our customers in all that we do.




A few closing words from our Commercial Director, Mark Parry –

“We are delighted to have received the Highly Commended Award for Supplier of The Year from NIVO. Our teams have been working incredibly hard over the past 12 months, which is why we couldn’t be happier that those efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. While always striving to improve and develop, we look forward to continuing to provide high-quality service for our customers. Thank you to all of our teams for helping us achieve this award and for all of your hard work in service. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful customers for supporting and voting for us. We couldn’t do this without you.”

– Mark Parry (Commercial Director, Vianet)


For more information on our products and services contact Don’t forget to request your free demo today!