A Closer Look: JW Vending Case Study

11 October 2021, Why Vianet

Vianet JW Vending Case Study


JW Vending recognised that cashless and contactless are the future of payment and approached Vianet to provide them with a cost effective and reliable contactless solution to support them in making that transition. Vianet deliver a combination of contactless payment, telemetry and data insight solutions to JW Vending, along with expert support & guidance in order to grow their business. With high quality products and accessible technology, Vianet continues to prove invaluable to JW Vending as they continue their partnership.


We chose to work with Vianet just over three years ago. We had met with a few suppliers prior to this in order to make an informed choice. Following Vianet’s presentation, the decision was easy. We were struck by the professionalism and friendly nature of the representatives; alongside the comprehensive and advanced service their technology offers. We wanted to be proactive in embracing a changing consumer world. We recognised that cashless and contactless are the future of payments and wanted to be able to rely on the very best technology to support us in making that change. From first meeting with Vianet, it was clear that was exactly what they offer and more, and at very competitive prices. The combination of close, expert support & guidance in order to grow our business alongside high quality and accessible technology continues to prove invaluable to our company. This technology went on to advance our company invaluably. We were further impressed by the level of close support that is always on hand throughout the start-up process. Vianet continue to deliver on every level; providing on-call advice and guidance at every stage. Vianet support us in recognising opportunities to capitalise upon, as well as strengthening and improving the service we offer to our clients. For instance, at the touch of a button we are able to access a comprehensive overview of our machine sales, growths, losses, breakdowns, etc. Data can be collated and accessed in multiple ways, giving us invaluable insight and enabling us to offer a much more responsive service to our customers. As a result, our company continues to grow rapidly today, and Vianet has provided us with the technology that enables us to feel confident & in control.

Chris Worgan, Director, JW Vending




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