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Unparalleled insight into the
draught drinks category
The global-leader in draught beer quality & waste management systems

220,000 devices currently track consumer experience on 777 million pints of beer every year across the globe*. That’s equivalent to £2.3 billion of consumer spend.

iDraught drives direct, measurable improvements to your gross profit, through delivering an unparalleled insight on your consumer experience and spend.

*13,500 pubs and bars serving an average barrelage of 200 brls per year = 2.7m barrels X 288 pints =777 million pints X £3.00

"iDraught has reduced my wastage by up to 30% and increased bottom lines by at least 8%"
"Cost savings equal to £8000 PA, just from beer wastage"
"iDraught is a key indicator we use when analysing our current and future business opportunities"
"We have seen a 4.1% increase in GP since iDraught was installed"
"I’m addicted to iDraught - we saw immediate gains of around £10k per year"

• Direct and measurable impact on your GP
• Cash in the till: monitor shrinkage and minimise giveaways
• Beer wastage: Reduce over pouring and wastage
• Beer wastage: Track beer wastage in the cleaning process
• Enhance stocktaking by increasing efficiency and effectiveness
• Exception reporting when your standards are not met


• Deliver 3% + increase in revenue via improved brand quality
• Deliver 2% increase in revenue via waste management


• Track the impact of your promotional activities in real-time
• Monitor your brands 24/7 365 days a year
• Understand the true impact of promotions at peak times
• Ensure your promotions are being run effectively
• Understand brand performance against the range
• Embrace social media and share your success via Facebook and Twitter
• iDraughtPlus awards and badges on quality and performance can be shared with consumers via social media, or linked to real-world rewards, engaging your consumer in your brand


• Dedicated account team and support from a cellar management trained ABCQ (Award in Beer & Cellar Quality) team
• Field-based managed services for compliance and engineering
• Desk-based support services for compliance
• Global engineering support, with 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry
• Bespoke Business Intelligence offerings
• Online training program, covering everything you need to know to get the most from your system


• Monitor line cleaning performance
• Monitor product temperatures
• Monitor the engines of beer quality in cellar and cooling equipment
• Exception reporting when your standards are not met
• Intervene early and triage complaints with easy-to-use data
• The missing link in supply chain management


• Understand your consumer spend
• Understand your consumers’ experience
• Adjust your brand line up to reflect industry trends before the competition does


• Monitor tap usage to increase efficiency and optimise sales
• Understand brand popularity and sales trends
• Improve quality and consumer experience via a reduction in taps


• Ensure the high standards on which you built your business are delivered across your estate
• Ensure that you focus your resources and investment on sites in your estate that will deliver the very best performance in volume growth and overall profitability
• Weekly executive summaries, variance reporting, and market and best in class comparisons
• Draught beer compliance

iDraught Integrates with the following EPOS providers

• Aloha 
• Boss
• Brinker
• Ctuit
• ICR Touch
• Itaque
• Micros
• Microtill
• Ngeneration
• Polaris
• Positive8
• Premier Cash Registers
• Quintek
• Restaurant solutions
• Telluride
• USD Tills
• Zonal 

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