2018 Vianet Insight Report Launched.

7 November 2018, Smart Zones

Vianet launches Insight Report 2018
Vianet has launched its Insight Report 2018 this week highlighting key data relating to customer experience in the on trade for draught products. The data was collected from October 2017 to September 2018 from over 250,000 devices on the platform and covering more than 777 million pints served providing game changing insight for the sector.

Key findings identified that there was an additional £13,500 average profit opportunity per year if a pub uses the insight provided by iDraught, Vianet’s draught platform.

Speaking about the latest report, Steven Alton, managing director of Vianet Smart Zones said, “What we have seen this year are some clear improvements in standards from operators using the iDraught platform effectively but there is still a lack of control in many parts of the sector that need addressing if sites and operators are going to improve their bottom line and customer satisfaction”.

Highlights show that:

  • 1 in 3 pints are still served via a beer line overdue a clean
  • 71% of all pubs are not achieving their target pouring yield
  • Pubs are over ranging by an average of 3 pumps
  •  22% of sites in the UK serve beer at the wrong temperature
  •  2% of drinks served don’t make it through the till

Adding Alton said, “The report has highlighted the national picture utilising the iDraught data. What operators need to do is really engage with the insight to improve their operational management practices. We have seen recently with our customers Brewhouse & Kitchen and Yummy Pub Company, who have both utilised the insight from the system in different ways, have improved quality, reduced costs and increased profit. Ultimately that’s what any operator wants whether they are a single site or a large managed operation”.

Recent figures released from the BBPA indicates that costs are set to continue to rise for pub landlords with business rates and the national living wage all rising next year.
“We may have got a freeze on beer duty this year but that doesn’t mean that pubs don’t need to keep a rigorous control on their costs which this report shows iDraught can help them do”. Alton commented.


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